Tree Removal And Planting

Professional Tree Planting & Removal in Atlanta

Are you looking to plant some new trees? Or do you have a tree that needs to go? Call the experts in tree care service – Boutte Tree, Inc.

Trees are a great addition to any yard or residence. Besides increasing your curb appeal and landscape, trees also can help protect your yard from too much sun and drought, keep your house cool in the summer and increase the air quality of your community. Adding new trees to your property can be a sound investment. But sometimes you run into an issue with one of your trees, such as illness or decline, and they need to be removed.

With Boutte Tree. you don’t need to stress about all the questions that come with planting new trees or removing existing ones. We offer knowledgeable experts who would love to help you with your trees.

The Benefits of Tree Planting Services

Adding trees to your property can bring benefits to your home and your life, many of which most homeowners aren’t even aware of. The following list includes some common reasons why it’s a great idea to add trees to your home:

  • Trees Help Us Breathe - Trees give off oxygen, which we need to breathe. But they also filter out harmful pollutants like ozone and carbon monoxide, improving our air quality. So breathe deep when you plant a new tree.
  • You’ll Feel Better - Studies have shown that people who spend time around trees and other green spaces have reduced stress and even recover from surgery faster. Adding trees to your space can literally make you a healthier person.
  • They Prevent Flooding - Trees planted around your home can help reduce stormwater runoff. Since water runoff can cause erosion and pollution in our waterways, which can increase the likelihood of flooding, trees can protect your home and property.
  • They Earn Money - A home with well placed, mature trees can actually earn more than 10% on the market than homes with fewer trees. If you plan to move one day, think about planting a tree now to cash in later.
  • They Add Safety - Did you know that trees planted along streets and roads have a calming effect and therefore traffic tends to move slower? Planting trees around your home can literally make your property, space, and neighborhood safer.

Does My Tree Need to be Removed?

Unless a tree is very obviously dead, it can be difficult for homeowners to know when a tree is beyond saving, or when it’s become a hazard to you and your home. This is why it can be so important to familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of an ill or dangerous tree and when it’s time to contact a professional. Below are some common signs to look for:

  • Too close to the house - A tree that is near your dwelling, especially if it’s leaning, can be dangerous. A storm could cause it to fall down, causing damage and possible injury. Trees should be no closer than 20 feet to a residence.
  • Hollow tree - A tree that is hollow inside has been severely compromised by illness or some other factor. If the tree is more than 30% hollow, it’s time for it to be removed.
  • Dead branches in the upper crown – Dead or hanging branches may be a sign that your tree is not growing well. If your tree has over 50% dead branches, it may be time to consider removing it.
  • Damaged trunk - If the trunk of your tree has a large crack in it, or if the bark is chipped or peeling, that’s a symptom of an unwell tree. Once a tree starts to decay it’s only a matter of time before they die completely.
  • Fungi at the base - If you notice fungi, or mushrooms, growing at the base of your tree, it’s another sign that your tree might be in trouble. Fungi feed on decaying matter, so if they’re growing at the base of your tree it’s a sign that something is wrong.

Why Work with Us?

Whether you’re adding trees to your yard to help lower the cost of your summer cooling bill, increase the value of your home, or you need a dangerous or dying tree removed, hiring a professional is the quickest and easiest way to get it done. Boutte Tree, Inc. has over 15 years of experience in tree care and landscaping and our knowledgeable experts would love to help you add trees to your space, remove ill trees and help to keep your home happy and beautiful.

Do you have a tree that needs to be removed? Boutte Tree can help with that! Call us today at (404) 799-5472 to schedule an appointment.