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Professional Tree Services in Atlanta

When you need professional tree maintenance and removal services, Boutte Tree is the company to call. We can handle any size job quickly and efficiently. We’re your neighbors and your arborists.

Keeping your property healthy and beautiful is important and trees play a vital role in that aspect. Trees increase curb appeal, grant shade, keep your spaces cool, and clean and filter the air. Because of this, it’s imperative to have a professional tree service company you can count on. Boutte Tree is here to serve all your tree care needs.

Serving homeowners and commercial customers in the Atlanta area for over 15 years, our knowledge and expertise will keep your properties safe and beautiful for years to come.

Our Professional Tree Services

Our licensed and fully insured arborists can handle any tree service you need - no residential or commercial job is too big or too small! Above all, we’re committed to providing excellent service and keeping your trees healthy and well-maintained.

Some of our primary services include:

  • Tree Removal - Whether a tree requires removal due to illness or damage, or for another reason, we can professionally and thoroughly remove the tree from your property.
  • Cabling – Sometimes a tree may need more structural support and that’s where cabling comes into play. Cabling can keep a trunk from splitting or prevent the loss of a limb. We also offer lightning protection for beloved trees.
  • Tree Health Care – Urban environments can often create stress and hardship for our trees. This is why preventative tree care can do so much to make sure your trees stay healthy for years to come. We’ll make sure the soil and nutrients are good for your tree and that your trees are happy.
  • Tree/ Pruning - Routine tree trimming and pruning keeps them healthy and looking great. We offer trimming services including interior trimming, crown raising, and crown reduction.
  • Tree Risk Assessment - If you’re concerned about a tree in your yard, our tree experts can quickly assess any potential problems and provide you with solutions and a plan of action.

About Us

Boutte Tree has been serving the Atlanta area since 2003. With over 15 years of experience, you can trust you’ve hired the right company for any tree service job. Not only do the residential and commercial clients in Atlanta rely on our services, but we pride ourselves on our sustainable practices and low impact on the environment. We put people first and trees a close second.

Regular tree maintenance will keep your property healthy, beautiful, and safe, and having a company you can rely upon in the event you’re faced with a tree emergency is vital for your home or business. The next time you need respectful and budget-friendly tree service, give Boutte Tree a call to schedule an appointment. We’d love to help you and your trees!

Are the trees in your yard due for trimming and pruning? Give Boutte Tree a call to schedule your appointment today - (404) 799-5472.

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