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How do the trees on your property look? If they need professional care, call Boutte Tree for expert service and a job done right.

Taking proper care of your trees is not only imperative to the tree’s health, but also the health and safety of your home and property. When trees are overgrown or not trimmed regularly, it not only affects your curb appeal, but it can also lead to property damage and create safety hazards for you and your friends and family.

When the trees on your property appear overgrown, having them trimmed or removed can save you a lot of time, trouble, and additional expenses. Give us a call at Boutte Tree to schedule an appointment for professional tree service today!

What Is Arboriculture?

Arboriculture is the science of tree cultivation and maintenance. But this is boiling down a complex, rich role into a simple explanation. Trees play an important role in our current, modern world, and the people who are passionate about trees make it a point to continue to improve their care in our communities and the wider world. At Boutte Tree, we have trained arborists to help us manage your landscapes as well as keep the health of the trees a priority. Arboriculture focuses on maintaining healthy trees and landscapes in the following ways:

  • Asphalt and concrete break down faster in sunlight, so planting shade trees can help keep pavement and communities lasting longer.
  • When forest fires strike, arborists can be called upon to help ensure that natural tree populations are correctly re-established when the fires have been resolved.
  • Not all trees respond to being cut in the same way which is why professional care is so important. Arboriculture makes sure that pruning and trimming trees will help the tree instead of harm it.
  • Trees can help absorb stormwater runoff, preventing or limiting flooding to homes and buildings. Arboriculture can help make sure that trees are placed in the right space for the most benefit to your community and your property.

Arboriculture focuses on maintaining trees in many different settings, from urban landscapes to forests, to maintain a good quality of life while also increasing property value and stabilizing and enriching our environment.


The Effects of Overgrown Trees on Your Home

Enjoying the beauty of trees on your property can be overshadowed by damage to your home when they’re unkempt or overgrown. When a tree near your home is overgrown, it can cause problems and potentially lead to expensive damages such as the list below:

  • Tree branches too close to your home can help rodents and other animals find their way into your roof and attic.
  • Broken branches can clog your gutters and cause issues with water flow, leading to water damage in your home or even flooding.
  • Tree branches and overgrowth can scrape your roof, damaging it or your shingles or gutters.
  • If a root system is too close to the foundation of your home, it can affect the structure and even damage water and sewage pipes, creating a huge hassle for your landscape and your house.
  • When a tree is too close to your home, broken branches can fall into your home or local power lines during storms, creating even more damage

Why a Professional is Needed for Tree Removal

Tree removal is not something most homeowners should try on their own. It requires specialized training and tools and equipment and making a mistake while removing a tree can result in everything from property damage to even personal injury or death. When you have trees requiring removal, here are some reasons to consider hiring a professional:

  • Liability - If a tree is too close to your neighbor’s home, cutting branches and the tree down could potentially land on their home or property causing damage. Expert tree specialists know the precautions to take to avoid this.
  • Legalities – Some places have laws revolving around tree trimming and removal. When you hire a professional tree service company, they can ensure you stay within regulations and that the work is conducted lawfully.
  • Equipment - The removal of trees often requires heavy machinery, including pole saws, hand saws, stump grinders, and more. This machinery can be dangerous if you lack experience in using it.
  • Power Lines - If you have a tree near cable or power lines, precautions need to be taken to avoid hitting the lines and causing damage or harm. A professional tree service company can ensure proper removal of your tree without damaging nearby lines.

When Is Tree Risk Assessment Needed?

Even when you take care to trim, prune, and maintain your trees regularly, emergencies can sometimes arise, calling for professional assistance. Pay attention to these signs that indicate you need to call for professional tree services:

  • A tree is severely diseased or rotted.
  • A tree sustained damage following a storm, high winds, or a lightning strike.
  • Tree branches are growing into or on top of your home or power lines.
  • Tree roots are growing near or into your water pipes, sewage pipes, or septic tank.

What Is Tree Cabling?

If you have ever had a weak or compromised tree on your property, then you most likely know what tree cabling is. Essentially, if there is a limb growing awkwardly or the trunk of the tree is split, these are both reasons to have your tree cabled.

It is considered a permanent solution as long as you get a yearly maintenance check done. Once a tree is weak or compromised it becomes more dangerous. In order to maintain the safety level of your property, you must stay consistently updated on the health of the tree as well as the upkeep of the cable job.


The Benefits of Professional Tree Planting

Many people believe it isn’t necessary to hire a professional to plant a tree for you. If you can plant other things you can plant a tree, right? This isn’t always true. There are a number of reasons why it is important to hire a professional before planting a tree.

Some of these reasons include:

  • A professional will know where the best location is
    • If you plant a tree too close to the home it can cause issues with the plumbing. It can even be dangerous if s storm comes through because the tree could fall on your home.
  • A professional can help you make the decision on what tree to plant
    • Planting a tree is a big deal because the tree is likely to live on the property longer than you. That’s why choosing the right one is so important.

How Stump Removal Is Done

Dealing with the stump left behind after you’ve had a tree cut down, can be frustrating. It takes up space in your yard and doesn’t do anything for the landscaping. That is unless you embrace the leftover tree stump and add flowers and things to it like some people do.

Not everyone likes to decorate the tree stump in their yard, though, and for those people, there are stump removal services. The steps of removing a stump seem easy and straightforward, ut this is something that should always be executed by a professional. Only an expert can remove a tree stump for the lowest cost to you and without any safety risk.

The steps to removing a tree stump using a stump grinder are:

  • Digging into the yard around the tree stump
  • Cutting and pulling out all the roots
  • Removing the stump from the ground
  • Covering the hole up again

Your yard is likely to need a little attention afterward, but it will be hard to be unsatisfied with a stump removal service.


Choose Boutte Tree for Expert Tree Service in East Point

When you need professional tree service, you must have a company you can trust to do the job right. Boutte Tree has been the premier household name in tree service for East Point homeowners since 2003. Our arborists are licensed, certified, knowledgeable, and experienced.

We’ll walk you through the entire process of ensuring your property’s trees are in great shape and make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Are you in need of professional consultation and service following a storm? Boutte Tree has you covered for all your emergency tree service. Give us a call today at (404) 799-5472 to schedule an appointment.