Peaceful Pruning Option

What is our Peaceful Pruning Crew?

It is a special crew that we have created that provides the same high quality arboricultural services as the other Boutte Tree crews, but replaces high-noise nuisance equipment with low-noise more serene equipment.  Our aim is to not only have minimal impact with noise and air pollution, but also to protect natural ground cover and vegetation where beneficial insects and critters live.

On this crew we have:

  • no 2 cycle engines
  • electric chainsaws only, no gas powered saws
  • rakes, shovels, and tarps only, no backpack blowers
  • haul off services mostly by hand, minimal chipper usage (some jobs no chipper)

Unfortunately, we can only provide Peaceful Pruning on certain smaller-sized jobs.  Note: our Peaceful Pruners will still be arriving in diesel-fueled trucks and will still use heavy equipment to haul things away…nobody’s perfect!

We really look forward to coming out to serve our customers who wish for a more calm and non-intrusive tree service experience!


Boutte Tree has always tried to work as peacefully as possible, but tree work is an inherently noisy business! We’re excited to roll out a new “Peaceful Pruning” service that can finally achieve tree pruning projects without the noise. Thanks to new battery technology there are now electric chainsaws that eliminate the need for noisy, polluting 2-cycle engines. To complement that, we’ll clean up the debris from the job with a broom instead of a blower. While not as spotless, your neighbors will appreciate the noise reduction. Finally, we will haul off the limbs with a grapple truck or by chipping once at the job’s end. Altogether you’ll be pleased with the more peaceful nature of the job! The price of the this service will be slightly more than the typical service costs because of the labor costs, but prices vary on the job so just ask your arborist!

Here at Boutte Tree, we consider ourselves to be open-minded, thus we try to adapt to the ever-changing customer landscape and scientific discoveries. Recently we have noticed an increase in debates on neighborhood social forums indicating a growing concern about the noise and pollution of gas-powered blowers and chainsaws. We want to offer a peaceful solution to those who wish to lessen these impacts on their neighbors and the environment. Most of our jobs require the gas powered equipment, but for traditional pruning jobs, we want to be able to offer a peaceful pruning option.

Check out what other people are saying about this new approach to tree work:
– Ecological Landscaping Alliance: a national alliance of landscape contractors, architects, designers, and educators which advocates for responsible stewardship in horticultural and landscaping practices.
– NOFA Organic Land Care Program: this organization offers a 30-hour training course on organic agriculture, which over 500 accredited organic land care professionals have taken.
– Perfect Earth Project: this is a non-profit organization which promotes toxin-free lawn care management.
– Quiet Communities, an advocacy and educational organization which promotes quiet lawn-car equipment and leaf-blower bans.
It is time for people to put away their noise machines, get out their rakes and brooms, and stop disturbing their neighbors. It is time for noisy lawn and garden equipment to be silenced.