Commercial Services

Boutte Tree has many Commercial and Institutional customers in the metro area. We provide top-level customer service to our clients. Services include: emergency as needed response, tree management, pest control, fertilization, pruning, planting, view creation, and general tree work.


We understand the demand of  representing the city to all of its citizens and those who are visiting. Your dedication to plant healthcare makes a statement about your city. We are your trusted partner who understands budget constraints and the need to keep a safe environment in the city.

Office Complexes & Retail

Protect your investment by utilizing our preventive services, while keeping your property beautifully maintained and appealing to your customers. We help you make the best first impression. With so many complex issues around tenants and facility issues, don't let your tree healthcare be one of those headaches.

Multi-Family Management

The trees on your property are not only aesthetically necessary to help maintain your occupancy, but also to provide a desired home feel for your residents. Boutte Tree has partnered with multi-housing management companies all over the Atlanta area to maintain their tree canopy.

Golf Courses

One of the best aspects of golf is that its played submersed in nature. With all of the work it takes to maintain the grasses on the course, let Boutte Tree partner with you keep your course canopy healthy and full. We recognize the care it takes to maintain the grounds to both challenge your players and keep them coming back to play again. We will handle your trees with the same care and precision that you already spend throughout the rest of your course. Don't let a rotting tree fall on your course and impede play!

Home Owner Associations

HOAs have a tremendous pressure to maintain all of the green spaces in the neighborhood so to set the standard for your home owners. One of the primary roles as an HOA is to maintain the neighborhood, while preserving and hopefully increaseing the home values. Don't let unmanaged trees throughout your neighborhood impact your homeowner's values and their willingness to follow your HOA covenants regarding the care of their own property based on your example. Trust Boutte Tree to keep your neighborhood canopy looking outstanding!

Schools & Parks

Environment is everything for students to engage in learning. Ensuring your playgrounds are shaded properly and safe from falling debris is a must for any school, pre-school, or park. Boutte Tree wants to partner with you to create the best environment possible. We can plant, prune, or remove any trees that are neccessary to create the optimal space for your students.