Expert Tree Pruning And Removal in Smyrna

Do you have a tree that needs to go? Then look to Boutte Tree to help you with your tree care!

Trees in your yard are one of the best aspects of homeownership. They keep your house cool, decorate your yard, and attract wildlife. But sometimes you run into an issue with one of your trees. Perhaps it needs to be trimmed or has died or been attacked by parasites. Or maybe it’s leaning too precariously close to your home. Whatever the reason, sometimes a tree on your property needs professional tree pruning or even to be removed.

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to partner with the right tree company to help you with your tree care. Boutte Tree is the best choice when looking for someone to remove a tree from your property and to make sure it’s done safely.

What Are the Benefits of Tree Trimming?

Regular pruning not only keeps your trees looking attractive, but it can also be beneficial for the health of your trees, too. The following list is some of the ways pruning your tree can keep it healthy:

  • Your Tree Can Breathe –Regularly trimming your trees means that more air can circulate through the branches and leaves. And like people, trees need to breathe, so trimming can help them take a deep breath.
  • Sickness – Noticing an illness in your trees can make all the difference when trying to protect them. If the illness is caught early enough, it may be able to be trimmed away, saving the life of your tree.
  • Keep Your Tree Strong – Regularly pruning your tree can actually make your tree stronger, too. Removing dead oddly shaped branches can all impact the structure of your tree and make it stronger in the end.

How are Trees Removed?

Tree removal can be a complicated process. You have to know which way the tree will fall to prevent it from landing on anything and there are specific tools that are needed to make the job successful and safe.

Professionals usually start by cutting most of the large limbs off the tree first. This makes cutting the trunk easier, and also makes it safer when it falls, too, so the branches don’t catch on anything or even other trees.

Once the limbs have been removed, the tree itself will be cut down. Depending on the size of the tree it may take chainsaws and ropes and pulleys. But if the tree is very large, a specialized vehicle may be used instead.

Once the tree has been felled it is typically chopped into wood chips, which can then be recycled or reused.


Don’t Work Without Professionals

Tree removal and even some tree pruning can be a dangerous task. It requires knowledge and skills most homeowners don’t have, and a mistake can lead to property damage, personal injury, even death. This is why it’s so important to contact a local tree company if you need a tree on your property removed.

Boutte Tree has 15 years of experience in tree care and tree removal. We’ll help you remove dead or unwanted trees safely and efficiently. Made up of a team of professional arborists and workers, we’re here to help people and trees.

Do you have a tree that needs to be removed? Boutte Tree can help with that! Call us today at (404) 799-5472 to schedule an appointment.