• “Be like a tree.
    Stay grounded.
    Connect with your roots.
    Turn over a new leaf.
    Bend before you break.
    Enjoy your unique natural beauty.
    Keep growing.”

    -Joanne Raptis

  • Savannah has found a creative solution for a common eye sore. The city received a $230,000 grant and will use the funds to turn 3 empty lots into tree nurseries.

    Vanessa Lawrence moves saplings into place in a city lot that's being coverted to a tree nursery on East Gwinnett Street.


  • Atlanta finally has a tree service that can provide this much needed service!  We are very proud to present our Peaceful Pruners!



  • The first day of Spring is March 20th. Here are some trees and blossoms to look for this season:


    • Flowering Dogwood
    • Azalea
    • American Holly
    • Eastern Redbud
    • Crabapple
    • Cherry Blossom 


    Image result for cherry blossom georgia

    Image may be subject to copyright. 

  • https://www.11alive.com/article/news/local/mynews/east-point/hank-aaron-tree-in-east-point-is-a-champion/85-e02f2e61-a0bc-433c-88fb-78a7431b6c49


    The Hank Aaron tree in East Point received this designation since it’s the largest known living white oak. The tree is located at Connally Nature Park. 

  • Image result for drones planting trees

    Image may be subject to copyright – https://www.newsworldindia.in/technology/solution-to-deforestation-tree-planting-drones/266512/


    UK- based company BioCarbon Engineering is using drones to plant trees! Drone technology allows trees to be planted 10 times faster than planting by hand, and is less expensive. This was tested in Australia in 2017. Could this be the future of agriculture?


  • Water! Water! Water Your Trees!



    The Arbor Day Foundation offers great tips for watering trees in the winter. Lack of water can damage the root systems and kill your trees.


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