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Trees on your property can provide value to your home in many ways: from shade to curb appeal. But trees need proper maintenance if they’re going to remain beautiful, healthy, and happy.

Some owners avoid regularly trimming their trees because they’re worried about the cost, and so they ignore the chore. But this can lead to issues later in the tree’s life and sometimes result in a tree needing to be removed. With Boutte Tree, we’ll provide you with excellent, professional tree services without breaking the bank.

Signs Your Trees Need Trimming

Trees need to be trimmed for many reasons. Illness is one, maintaining the health and growth of the tree, another. But sometimes a tree needs to be trimmed for aesthetic reasons, to keep it and your home looking beautiful. The below list includes common reasons your trees should be regularly trimmed:

  • More fruit or flower production - If you have a tree that produces fruit or flowers, then you may need to regularly prune it to keep it looking beautiful. As the tree grows larger, often the fruits will be smaller and the blossoms less robust. Trimming extra branches can result in better flowers and fruit.
  • Control Overgrowth – A tree near your home will need to be regularly trimmed. If it grows too large and starts encroaching on power lines, or perhaps is stretching too close to your dwelling, it could be dangerous. Regular trimming will reduce hazards and keep your tree healthy.
  • Train Your Trees - Trees often grow in a shape or pattern that isn't beneficial for them. Regular pruning can help keep them healthy and happy, longer. If you notice your tree has crossing branches, or new branches growing lower on the trunk, it may be time to schedule a trim.

How to Know Your Tree Needs to be Removed

Unless a tree is clearly dead, it can be difficult for homeowners to know when a tree is beyond saving, or when it’s become a hazard to you and your home. Familiarizing yourself with the various signs and symptoms of an ill or dangerous tree can help you know when to contact a professional:

  • Your tree is too close to the house - Trees should be no closer than 20 feet to a residence. A tree near your dwelling, especially if it’s leaning, can be a hazard to your home. A storm could cause it to fall down, causing damage and possible injury to your home and your friends and family.
  • Hollow tree – A hollow tree has been severely compromised by illness or some other factor. If the tree is more than 30% hollow, it should be removed.
  • Dead branches in the upper crown - If your tree has a dead branch in the crown, it’s a sign your tree may not be growing well. If the tree has over 50% dead branches, it may be time for removal.
  • Damaged trunk - If the trunk of your tree has chipped or peeling bark, or a large crack, it’s unwell. It may be internally decaying, and once they start to decay it’s only a matter of time before they die completely, and then fall.
  • Fungi at the base - If you notice mushrooms, growing at the base of your tree, it’s another sign that your tree might be dead or dying. Fungi feed on decaying matter, so if they’re growing at the base of your tree it’s a sign that something isn’t right.

Professionals Can Make Sure the Job is Done Right

While tree trimming can seem like an easy chore, incorrectly trimming a tree can make things worse or even permanently damage your tree. The experts at Boutte Tree can help you with all your tree pruning and removal needs. They’ll keep your trees feeling healthy and looking great and with 15 years of experience, you can trust them to keep your trees in mind.

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