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Are the trees in your yard due to be trimmed or pruned? Give the experts a call for help – Boutte Tree.

The trees in your yard are wonderful for many reasons - they can be beautiful, filter toxins from the air, provide shade, and even help to keep your home and yard cooler. But when your trees are unhealthy or damaged, you can deal with some pretty big problems and big expenses, too.

It’s important to act fast and with regularity when it comes to your trees. If the trees in your yard show signs of damage or being unhealthy, call Boutte Tree for tree maintenance services and care. We put people first, and trees in a close second.

What Is Arboriculture & Tree Service?

Arboriculture is defined in the dictionary as the science through which trees are cultivated and maintained. But this is distilling a complicated, rich role into a simple explanation. Because trees play an important role in our current world, and the people who are passionate about trees make it a point to continue to grow and learn about trees and how they interact with our world.

At Boutte Tree, we have trained arborists to help us manage your landscapes as well as keep the health of the trees a priority. Arboriculture focuses on maintaining healthy trees and landscapes in the following ways:

  • Asphalt and concrete both break down faster in sunlight, so planting shade trees can help keep our pavement and communities lasting longer.
  • When forest fires strike, arborists can be called upon to help ensure that natural tree populations are correctly re-established.
  • Not all trees respond to being cut in the same way. Arboriculture makes sure that pruning and trimming trees will help the tree instead of harm it.
  • Trees can help absorb stormwater runoff, preventing or limiting flooding to homes and buildings. Arboriculture can help make sure that trees are placed in the right space for the most benefit to your community.

Arboriculture focuses on maintaining trees in a variety of settings to maintain a good quality of life while also increasing property value and stabilizing and enriching our environment.



Proper tree care is essential to keeping your yard healthy and looking great, and regular tree trimming is one of the most important things you can do. Tree trimming and pruning can have the following benefits:

  • Keeping your tree healthy, longer. When dead leaves and diseased branches are regularly removed from your tree, it promotes new and growth and limits illness
  • When a tree is pruned correctly, it reduces overgrowth and allows for more oxygen and sunlight to reach your tree, allowing them to breathe easier.
  • Regular maintenance to your tree helps reduce risks and accidents by ensuring your tree is stable and not growing too close to your home or power lines.
  • And aesthetically, pruning and trimming your trees professionally keeps them looking great all year round.

The Benefits of Expert Tree Removal

When you need a tree removed, it’s important that it’s done right. Removing trees requires experience, safety precautions, and the use of heavy machinery. A tree that’s removed improperly can cause property damage, and even injury or death. For these reasons, it’s important that you always hire professionals anytime you need a tree removed from your property. The cost is worth the safety of your home and your friends and family.

By utilizing a professional service, you can ensure proper safety measures are in place, that potential damage to your property is reduced, and that removal is handled thoroughly.


What is Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing is a process that protects valuable trees from splitting or losing large limbs. While an arborist will typically try to protect the tree with pruning and trimming, sometimes trees need to have external supports added to help them heal from damage.

Cabling can be done with steel or synthetic cables that are attached to different points on a tree to protect the weak joints. Steel cables are better at preventing sudden breakages where damage has already occured. Synthetic cables allow for more flexibility and can help a tree heal stronger if the damage is not already extensive. Our arborists can determine the best course of action to protect your trees. If you have trees that you are worried about, call the professionals at Boutte Tree and we will do our best to preserve your trees.


Why Should You Hire Professionals to Plant Trees

Without careful planning, planting trees can turn into a disappointment down the road. Often, people will plant their own trees without taking into consideration how big the tree will get when it is full sized. As a result, after years of growth, trees will have to be removed because they are too close to a structure, roadway or powerline. Nutritional requirements also need to be taken into consideration. Trees that are planted without optimal sunlight or water resources will fail to thrive.

At Boutte Tree we have the experience to help you select the proper variety of tree based on your needs and site location. Getting professional help at the beginning can prevent the loss of time that can happen by planting trees in improper locations.


How is Stump Removal Done

Stump removal is done after a tree is removed. Stumps can be removed by shovels, chainsaws and digger implements but the easiest and quickest method is a stump grinder. Stump grinders also cause the least amount of damage to the surrounding landscape. Once a stump is ground down below ground level, you will be able to fix your landscape by reseeding or planting a new tree.

Stump removal is important because it removes the blemish from your landscape and allows you to make it beautiful once more. Unground stumps will continue to attempt to grow and will become harder to deal with. Taking corrective action removes the headache from having to deal with a stump.


What is Considered a Tree Emergency?

Tree emergencies constitute anything that involves trees damaging man-made structure. They can be broken down into two categories: urgent and non-urgent. Urgent tree emergencies occur when trees break or uproot and cause major damage to a home or power lines. At Boutte Tree we are always ready to respond to an urgent tree emergency. If the worst should happen, we can dispatch immediately to stabilize your property and keep you safe. After we stabilize the situation, we will work to help you rehabilitate your trees from the damage and prevent further damage in the future.

Non-urgent tree emergencies can include anything from dangerous limbs to leaning trees. While they don’t present an active danger, they can potentially cause serious damage. Non-urgent tree emergencies are best handled with preventative care. After assessing your situation, our arborists can make recommendations to prevent these emergencies from causing serious damage in the future.


How Can Risk Assessments Help?

While trees are prized for their aesthetic value, they also can represent significant hazards to your property. Performing a risk assessment of trees is a process performed by a certified arborist that helps you understand the potential threats that trees can pose to your property. Risk assessments are important for individuals because they help them understand how to better care for their property. They are also useful for municipalities and insurance companies to determine appropriate rates depending on their liability.

During the risk assessment process, our arborists will make visual and technical investigations of your trees. Using special instruments and even lab tests, arborists can best decide how to protect your trees and your property from potential damage.



Boutte Tree has been the ones to call for tree service in the Brookhaven area. Our customers are our priority, and it shows in our careful and expert work. Choosing to partner with us as your choice for professional tree service guarantees a job done right, every time.

Tree removal and maintenance don’t have to break the bank. When your Brookhaven home requires professional tree removal or pruning, call in the experts at Boutte Tree - (404) 799-5472.