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When you keep the trees in your yard trimmed, pruned, and well-maintained, not only does it keep your landscaping looking great, it also keeps the people around you safe and healthy. While trees are beautiful additions to our properties, they can also cause or incur significant problems when left unattended, including property damage or even personal injury.

As a homeowner, you must have a professional tree service that you can rely on. Contact Boutte Tree today for peace of mind in tree care.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

While landscaping is essential to keep your home looking its best, tree trimming and pruning is more important than just aesthetics. The health and safety of your home and your friends, family, and neighbors rely on the health of your trees.

Below are some common benefits from routine tree pruning:

  • Improved Growth - When your trees are regularly pruned, it can keep branches from growing unevenly or looking misshapen, which allows for the tree to grow naturally into its most beautiful shape. This can also keep your tree healthy and strong, too!
  • Safety - Trimming your trees allows for dead, damaged, or diseased limbs to be removed. Oftentimes if you can catch an illness early, too, it can be eradicated. Structurally unsound limbs can fall onto your home or hurt someone during or after a storm or high winds so it’s important to keep your tree care maintained.
  • Protection of Other Vegetation - When a tree has bug infestations or disease, it can quickly spread to other trees and plants on your property. By keeping your trees trimmed regularly, the bad spots can be removed before they spread and your tree can be saved.
  • Beauty - Of course, the best part about trees is how they can beautify your property and increase your curb appeal. When you have them regularly pruned and trimmed it ensures they stay looking their best and studies show that viewing trees can lower your stress and make you healthier.

When Should a Tree Be Removed from Your Property?

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s best to have a tree removed, whether due to illness or other reasons. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the reasons why a tree removal may be necessary:

  • The tree sustained damage during a storm
  • The tree has died
  • The tree is leaning in the direction of your home or other structure
  • Branches are dying or decaying
  • You have a construction project that requires the area the tree is in

When Is Tree Cabling Used

Tree cabling is a service that is usually performed as a preventative measure. There are a number of different scenarios that call for tree cabling. Without this service, it is likely that a tree could break or worse, fall over, and cause extensive damage.

Two scenarios in which it is best to have a professional come perform a tree cabling service are:

  • Split trunk
    • If the trunk of your tree is split, a tree cable will help keep the trunk in one piece
  • Large branch
    • When a large branch is growing at an awkward angle, it can lead to dangerous situations, so tree cabling would give it the support it needs to not break

Tree cabling is an essential service for all weak trees on the property. It strengthens the tree and helps it to grow stronger and continue to provide benefits for years to come.


The Benefits of Professional Tree Planting

Trees provide many great services including cleaning the air you breathe and provide shade when you need it most. They can even help lower the energy bill every month. Whether you just bought a new property or you want to plant a tree on an existing property, hiring a professional may be one of the last things on your list.

Not hiring a professional to plant the trees on your property could potentially cost you thousands in repairs years down the line. If you plant a tree too close to your home or building or too close to an electrical wire, the tree could break onto the home or grow into the wires and cause damage. Planting a tree too close to the home can cause expensive damages to your plumbing system as well. When roots start to grow into pipes, you could end up paying to have your entire plumbing system replaced.


How Is Stump Removal Done?

Tree stump removal is the only way to truly get rid of a tree on your property. You can have the tree cut down, but until you remove the stump and the roots along with it, that tree is technically still in your yard.

When professionals come to remove a stump in your yard, they do so in a few easy steps:

  1. Dig out the soil that surrounds the stump
  2. Cut up and remove any roots
  3. They will then remove the tree stump
  4. Patch the hole

They also use stump grinding equipment to remove the stump in its entirety. Having a tree stump removed from your yard may cause some landscape issues, but it will add to your property value in the long run.


What is Considered a Tree Emergency

No matter how many trees you have in your yard, it is crucial to know how to spot a tree emergency. A fallen tree isn’t the only type of tree emergency.

Call an expert emergency tree service if you notice any of the following signs:

  • If a tree or its branches are blocking access around your home
  • If a tree or its branches are on your roof
  • The trunk is cracked or split
  • An ugly stump
  • A dying tree
  • Hanging limbs

A professional is trained to eradicate the situation in the safest and most efficient way possible. Emergency tree situations happen, but they can be significantly reduced or even avoided altogether with regular maintenance. An expert can point out problem areas before they become an issue.


The Tree Risk Assessment Process

Whether you believe you have a tree emergency or not, you can always call a professional to come out and perform a tree risk assessment. During a tree risk assessment, the professional is basically looking for signs of weakness throughout the tree.

A few things that a professional is looking for during a tree risk assessment are:

  • Checking for yearly growth
  • Dead or broken branches
  • Any damage to the trunk
  • Assessing leaf color
  • Checking the height of the tree relative to its age
  • Examining for any signs of disease

If you are someone that gets yearly maintenance done on your trees, then you can easily have a tree risk assessment performed every year as well. This is essentially what any tree expert will look for during a maintenance appointment. It is an assessment that not only informs you of the tree’s current health but also the progression of its health as it ages.


When You Should Call for Tree Service

It’s inevitable as a homeowner that you’ll run into a situation at some point that calls for professional tree services. Acting promptly at the first signs of a problem can keep a bad situation from getting worse and prevent additional expenses, property damage, or even personal injury.

Below are some examples of common reasons for professional tree services:

  • Storms – Scheduling a Tree Risk Assessment can help you spot problem areas before the next storm blows through.
  • Damaged Roots - Damaged or uprooted roots can cause a tree to be unsteady and an unsteady tree is a safety hazard. If you notice root damage, call for tree service as soon as you can.
  • Severe Disease and Rot - When your tree has signs of disease or rot, anything from peeled and chipped bark to mushrooms and fungi at the roots, it can cause the tree to become unstable. Calling for tree services can protect your home and property from damage, and potentially save the tree.
  • Dangerous Leaning - If a tree is leaning or growing in a direction it shouldn’t, like in the direction of your home or power lines, it should be addressed right away before it becomes a problem.

Partnering with Boutte Tree will help keep your trees and property in good condition. We’re there when you need us for residential or commercial tree service jobs. Our expert arborists are here to make sure your trees are taken care of the right way. You can rest easy knowing you and your trees are in good hands with us.

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