Our Values

Our Workers

At Boutte Tree Inc we believe in the American Dream. Helping our workers achieve this in a dignified way is very important to us. We never skimp on insurance for our people or on safety training or equipment. We are a committed member of your community, and one of our employees may live next door! If you would like, you can verify our Worker’s Compensation Insurance at www.sbwc.ga.gov. You can also view our insurance certificate HERE

Our Customers

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients. We treat our clients like family and go the extra mile for each and every person we serve. We provide professional, high-level service to homeowners, developers, school, businesses, and municipalities.

Our Trees

We also believe in great tree care. The arborists at Boutte Tree are excited and knowledgeable about saving trees; they have a passion for planting trees, educating people about trees, and trees in general. We use science and research rather than anecdotes in our approach to risk and disease.