Emergency Tree Services

Emergency Tree Services in Atlanta

Boutte Tree is Atlanta’s first choice for emergency tree services.

Tree emergencies can be upsetting for many reasons. Tree emergencies are usually the result of a natural disaster that has pushed a tree over into a structure or utility service. Dealing with the fallout from a storm and damage to your property can be overwhelming. Trust the emergency tree experts at Boutte Tree to help simplify the process.

What Constitutes A Tree Emergency?

Tree emergencies can occur in any season and are often the result of high winds, ice damage, or heavy rains. Spring storms bring rains that saturate the soils and heavy winds have a tendency to push large trees over. Winter storms can break large sections of trees due to the build-up of ice or snow.

When trees break off or fall onto a home, vehicle, roadway, or utility easement, it’s time to call for Boutte emergency tree removal. We are prepared to respond quickly to any emergency. We also can provide assistance to help you navigate the insurance claim process.

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Preventing Tree Emergencies

Preventing tree emergencies is the best way to assure you don’t have to go through the hassle of having to deal with property damage caused by trees. As certified arborists, the health of your trees is the most important thing. Having a risk assessment performed on the trees on your property will give you an idea as to the danger your trees might present to structures and utility poles.

During a risk assessment, our licensed arborists use visual inspections and the latest technology to determine the health of your trees. Visual inspections will look for any signs that your tree is damaged such as insect infestation, fungus and mushroom growth, dead sections, and root damage. The arborist can then use a device called a Resistograph to find any hollow or dead spots in the tree that could not be visible and still present a breakage hazard.

If there is suspicion that the tree might be starting to lean, our arborists will attach lean indicators to the trunk to monitor the tree long term for any signs of weakness. Lab tests may also be requested to help amend any nutritional problems that may be harming the tree.

At Boutte Tree we place the value of your trees at the highest level. Before recommending removal we will make all reasonable efforts to protect your trees. If your tree is unhealthy we will try nutritional amendments first. We may also recommend routine pruning and trimming to protect your tree from breakage or uprooting.


Choosing Boutte Emergency Tree Service

When you choose Boutte emergency tree service you can be sure you are partnering with the best. Boutte Tree service has been performing arboreal work since 2002. We own all of our equipment so we are available 24 hours a day and we can respond faster in case of emergencies. Owning our equipment also means we don’t have to pay for equipment rental, meaning we can often perform jobs cheaper and faster than other crews. We also carry all the necessary insurance to cover both our workers and your property in the case that something goes wrong.

Our emergency prevention methods also go further than most other arborists’ services. Many services are content to perform only a visual inspection. Boutte Tree has the latest available equipment to make sure you, your trees and your property stay safe.

To get the best help for your tree emergencies call Boutte Tree at (404) 799-5472 today. Let us help you take the stress out of dealing with or preventing tree damage to your property.