Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Services in Atlanta

Don’t let your tree removal stay unfinished. Let the experts at Boutte Tree grind your stump away.

Over the years of serving the Atlanta area, we’ve seen it all from emergencies to routine tree removal. One thing that is all too common is unfinished jobs in the form of leftover stumps. Many people remove their own trees or hire landscaping companies to do it and they don’t have access to stump grinders. The result is an unsightly stump that will stick around for a long, long time or the destructive and labor-intensive process of digging the stump out by hand or with an excavator. At Boutte Tree, we believe a tree removal project isn’t finished until all the debris is removed, including the stump.

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Why Perform Stump Grinding?

While it may seem obvious that stumps are an eyesore, there are other reasons to remove them apart from the aesthetic of your landscape. Rotting stumps become a habitat for wood-destroying insects like termites or ants. Inviting termites and ants onto your property puts other structures at risk of damage.

If trees were cut down because of a disease, the stump could continue to harbor the disease and endanger your other trees. Stumps are also susceptible to fungus that could infect the surrounding foliage and landscape.

Trees don’t die once they are cut down. Stumps, being fed by the root systems, will continue to try and grow. New growth on a stump is never healthy or aesthetically pleasing and it is often very difficult to control. Some stump removal methods also leave enough roots that the tree will still attempt to regrow despite efforts to remove it. At Boutte Tree, we guarantee to take care of all of these problems so you can reseed or replant the area to restore the beauty of your landscape as soon as possible.


How We Remove Stumps

Unskilled stump removers or landscapers may attempt to remove stumps with a combination of excavators, chain saws, shovels, and chains. This is a very labor-intensive method that does a lot of damage to the surrounding landscape. At Boutte Tree, we use stump grinders to perform stump removal. Stump grinders are specially designed pieces of equipment that use a fast-spinning blade to reduce the stump to a pile of wood shavings.

Stumps are ground down to several inches below grade so the site can be rehabilitated with grass, landscaping, or even a new tree. Additionally, because of the heavy-duty nature of our stump grinding equipment, we not only remove the stump but also much of the left over root system, which prevents growth in the future. This ensures a long-term solution to that eyesore on your landscape.


Choosing Boutte Tree

Partnering with Boutte Tree for all of your tree needs, you will know you are working with the best. We keep all of our state-of-the-art equipment at the ready to perform any service you need at the moment you call. With years of experience and a strong commitment to the health and well-being of your trees and property, you can trust us to care for your landscape like it was our own. Protect the investment of your trees by allowing us to care for them.

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