Have a Sick Tree?

The key to avoiding disease is maintaining healthy trees!

At Boutte Tree we have a passion for keeping trees alive. Most of our clients are in the City of Atlanta and have old trees which require more care. When we come out to look at your trees, we’ll treat them as if we depend upon them for shade and tranquility at our own house. In fact, almost all of our Arborists possess old and beautiful trees themselves, and so they will know just how you feel about your trees from the beginning.

For nearly all of the following diseases it’s possible to prevent disease through diligent care of your trees. Remember that trees evolved for millions of years in forest conditions. Your yard probably lacks the deep mulch, established soils, and unaltered drainage that most trees require for optimum health. We can help keep your trees healthy and avoid the sad and expensive prospect of tree removal!

Below are just a few of the diseases that attack trees here in Atlanta. Call us right away if you suspect that your tree is stressed, sick or dying. Look for the warning signs: Loss or discoloration of foliage, crown dieback, mushrooms sprouting from base, dripping from the leaves, or anything else unusual.

Common Sickness