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Professional Tree Trimming and Removal in College Park

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Trees on your property can provide value to your home in many ways: from shade to curb appeal. Because trees play such an important part of the ecosystem in your yard, it’s important that they receive regular care and maintenance from a professional tree service.

Some owners avoid regularly trimming their trees but this can lead to issues later in the tree’s life and sometimes result in a tree needing to be removed. With Boutte Tree, we’ll provide you with excellent, professional tree services and keep your trees in great shape.

How Do I Know If My Tree Needs Trimming?

Taking the time to get to know the signs and symptoms your trees could be sending out is helpful. Trees need to be trimmed for many reasons. Illness is one, maintaining the health and growth of the tree, another. When you schedule for professional tree trimming and pruning, it can help your trees remain healthy and growing strong for a long time to come. Here are common reasons to have your tree trimmed or pruned:

  • More fruit or flower production - If you have a tree that produces fruit in the fall or flowers in the spring, then you may need to regularly prune it to keep it looking beautiful. As the tree grows larger, often the fruits will be smaller and the blossoms less robust because of the amount of energy the tree has to expend. Trimming extra branches can result in better flowers and fruit.
  • Control Overgrowth – A tree near your home will need to be regularly trimmed or it may grow too large and start encroaching on your dwelling or power lines. Regular trimming will reduce hazards and keep your tree healthy and your property safe.
  • Train Your Trees - Trees often grow in a shape or pattern that isn't great for their health. Regular pruning can improve their shape and therefore their wellbeing. If you notice your tree has crossing branches, or new branches growing lower on the trunk, it may be time to schedule professional care.

Signs Your Need A Tree Removal Service

In order to prevent damage to your property and keep yourself and your family and neighbors safe, it’s important you know these common signs that indicate a tree may need removal:

  • Your tree is too close to the house - Trees should be no closer than 20 feet to a residence. A tree near your dwelling, especially if it’s leaning, can be a hazard to your home. A storm could topple it, causing damage and possible injury to your home and your friends and family.
  • Hollow tree – A hollow tree has been severely compromised by illness or some other factor and could become a safety hazard. If the tree is more than 30% hollow, it should be removed.
  • Dead branches in the upper crown - If your tree has a dead or hanging branch in the crown, it’s a sign your tree may not be growing well. If the tree has over 50% dead branches, it may be time for removal or at least an assessment.
  • Damaged trunk - If the trunk of your tree has chipped or peeling bark, or a large crack, it’s a sign that it’s possibly unwell. It may be internally decaying, and once they start to decay it’s only a matter of time before they die completely, and then fall.
  • Fungi at the base - If you notice mushrooms or other fungi growing at the base of your tree, it’s a sign that your tree might be dead or dying. Fungi feed on decaying matter, so if they’re growing at the base of your tree it’s something isn’t right.
  • Lack of Flowering - When a tree stops budding or flowering it can mean there’s an illness with your tree or possibly even a problem that would require removal.

Why Schedule a Tree Risk Assessment?

Trees, whether healthy or damaged, can pose problems to your property and dwelling. A tree risk assessment can help you locate problem trees or areas and detect what needs to be done with them. Some of the reasons to schedule a tree risk assessment include:

  • Property Damage: A fallen tree or branch can cause significant damage to your home or property. Everything from broken windows and toppled shingles to a smashed vehicle or windows. A tree risk assessment will help you know where you stand before things are damaged.
  • Tree Health: Trees provide comfort and beauty for your property. You can often measure your trees’ continued health with a tree risk assessment, making sure they stay healthy and happy for years to come.
  • Insurance Risks: Unfortunately, tree damage isn’t always covered by homeowner’s insurance. A risk assessment can not only prevent you from dealing with damage but may also help your insurance to cover a portion of the damages, saving you time, money, and the stress of fighting with the insurance company.

What is Cabling & Bracing Used For

When trees become old and weak or it sustains damage it can be upsetting. Old trees represent a historic investment in the landscape. Fortunately, old age and damage do not have to be fatal to a significant or sentimental tree. Our arborists are trained to know how to save such trees and they have special tools and systems at their disposal to do just that. One of these systems is cabling.

Cabling involves running steel or synthetic cables to different parts of the tree to protect weak points. Once cables are in place, your tree is protected from further damage and the resulting reduction in stress will allow it to begin to heal itself.

If you have an important tree that you think is vulnerable, call the arborists at Boutte Tree today and put our experience to work for you. We pride ourselves in being able to save and care for all trees.


The Benefits of Professional Tree Planting

When we are called to do tree removals, many times the tree needs to be removed because it was planted too close to a structure or it wasn’t planted in a place where its nutritional and sunlight needs could be met. This is very common amongst non-professional tree planters.

Landscapers and homeowners often don’t take into account the long term ramifications of planting a certain type of type at a certain location and the result is that after many years the tree will need to be removed or it will die.

By consulting with the expert arborists at Boutte Tree, we can help you select the right tree for your needs. Depending on the variety and the specific needs for your site, we can help you invest your time and money into a tree that will last for generations.


What is a Tree Emergency?

Tree emergencies are a far too common call that we have to respond to. Generally caused by severe weather events, tree emergencies represent significant damage to trees and also to man-made structures like homes and power lines.

Any time a tree damages a structure, it is considered an emergency. Fortunately for you, at Boutte Tree we are ready at all hours of the day to respond to any emergencies.

Preventing tree emergencies is key in mitigating the damage that a tree can do to your property. To take preventative action, call the arborists at Boutte Tree. We can come onsite and perform an assessment of the hazards that your trees pose. Generally, many emergencies can be prevented with routine shaping and trimming of your trees so that they remain structurally sound and don’t endanger the surrounding area.


How is Stump Removal Done

After a tree is removed, there is a stump that must be dealt with. If you’ve ever tried to remove a tree then you know this can be the most difficult part of the lob. Luckily, there are stump grinders to make the job far simpler than trying to cut the stump or rip it out of the ground.

Stump grinders contain a wheel that spins at high speeds and reduces the stump to a pile of wood chips. Grinders are designed to be able to cut below the grade of the surrounding landscape so that no traces of the stump remain after the procedure. Because of their design, they also do minimal damage to your yard as they are bought in and out.


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