Wood guyOur bread and butter may come from taking trees down, but dead trees can serve a lot of wonderful purposes, even after BOutte Tree has taken them down. We work with two wonderful companies, The Jack Ellis Company, and EuTree who are Forest-Free lumbermills who specialize in boutique wood flooring and handcrafted wooden furniture. Their work is gorgeous, and Boutte Tree Inc. is so proud to work with them.

These Atlanta-based artisans can soften the blow of losing a beloved tree by making it a feature in your home. Eutree’s hardwood floors are gorgeous, and by helping Boutte Tree find a home for the hardwoods we set new standards of sustainability, and reduce waste, while beautifying Atlanta’s homes. The Jack Ellis Company, named for the owner’s adorable sons, believe in making furniture that respects the tree’s history, and fits a classic, but fresh sensibility.  Because they build furniture, The Jack Ellis Company is a good resource for those who want to preserve their memories of smaller trees, treasured limbs, etc.

Boutte Tree, Inc. believes in Atlanta’s trees, and we are so happy to partner with two great companies who do beautiful work with reclaimed trees around Atlanta.

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