Maintaining the ‘City in the Forest’, Atlanta, Georgia, requires more than just a pair of pruners and a ladder. When it comes to caring for your trees, expertise is paramount. Accreditations and certifications from certain national organizations help ensure a tree company is properly trained both in safety, as well as the latest methods of tree care.

TCIA Accreditation is a third-party consumer confidence verification program administered by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), America’s oldest and most respected tree-care trade association. Accreditation helps consumers identify qualified tree care companies who conduct business in a safe, legal, and ethical manner.

Boutte Tree is proud to hold the prestigious TCIA Accreditation. This rigorous accreditation signifies a commitment to excellence in arboriculture. Hiring a TCIA accredited arborist ensures that your trees are in capable hands and receiving professional care that adheres to the highest industry standards. 

As a leader in safety within the Atlanta market, we are also proud that we have a TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP). This program is the only safety credentialing program in the industry and is designed to address several of the safety challenges that tree care companies face.

Trees face a range of challenges in the Atlanta and surrounding areas – from pests to extreme weather. A certified arborist possesses the knowledge and training to diagnose issues accurately, prescribe effective treatments, and execute tree work with safety as a top priority.

Moreover, employing a TCIA accredited arborist supports the health of not only your trees but also the overall environment. Pruning, trimming, and removals performed by unqualified individuals can lead to irreparable damage, leaving trees susceptible to disease and destabilization. Certified arborists use science-based practices to enhance tree health, promote growth, and sustain the urban greenery that defines Atlanta’s landscape.

In addition to TCIA Accreditation, Boutte Tree is home to one of only five ISA Board Certified Master Arborists in Atlanta. According to the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), “The ISA Board Certified Master Arborist® credential is the highest level of certification offered by ISA. This credential recognizes ISA Certified Arborists® who have reached the pinnacle of their profession. In addition to passing an extensive scenario-based exam, candidates must abide by a Code of Ethics, which ensures quality of work. Fewer than two percent of all ISA Certified Arborists® currently hold this certification.” Learn what it takes to achieve this highest certification here

Boutte Tree also houses 11 ISA board certified arborists on staff, which we employ in lieu of traditional salespeople, to ensure your needs (and your trees) benefit from our experience. 

Investing in TCIA and ISA certified arborists isn’t just a choice – it’s a commitment to the longevity and vitality of Atlanta’s treescape. By doing so, you help safeguard the beauty, shade, and ecological benefits that these living giants provide for generations to come. Contact us to find out how your trees can benefit.


This information is accurate as of this blog’s publication date.