Tree Service Experts in Atlanta Give Top Signs On Whether It’s Time for You to Remove a Tree On Your Property.

Elementary school science points out the air-purifying ability of trees and the truth in this is only emphasized by massive tree-planting campaigns ongoing in many regions around the world. Trees are large plants that replenish atmospheric oxygen, and their economic value is also noteworthy as they are a source of material resources and their presence serves aesthetic and protective functions. The trees in your yard are providing you with those same benefits along with added perks like aesthetic beauty and shade. 

However, once a tree reaches the end of its lifespan, it can quickly become a liability. So how do you know when a tree should be removed? Read on to get helpful tips from tree service experts. 

Why Would One Need to Cut Down a Tree?

Although trees offer a lot of benefits in regards to health and landscaping, they may also cause accidents if their physical state is compromised. So how do you know when one is a problem? Truthfully, there are about as many visible signs as there are hidden signs that a tree should come down. This can include:

  • A Dead Tree: This rather is obvious, given the absence of leaves that persists for a very long time. A dead tree might not show any signs of potential harm but they have been indicated in some home accidents with serious injuries.
  • A Diseased Tree: In addition to falling on and damaging your property, a diseased tree can act as a source of infections for other plants in your garden or flowers. Sick trees may have veinless leaves which show a discernible discoloration, spots, or other blemishes. They usually also have fragile branches that snap easily and have fewer leaves than a healthy one.
  • A Tree Under Attack: It is not uncommon for pests to attack a tree as being a habitat to a variety of creatures makes the tree vulnerable. While some pests may not be much of a bother, there are those that might cause you discomfort. If you’ve noticed a rodent or insect infestation in a tree on your property, you might want to have it cut down. 
  • An Overgrown Tree: In this case, the tree parts have grown up to a point that they have begun to cause distress. The roots of a tree can have dangerous effects on a building if it starts growing into the foundation. Also, overgrown branches may litter your property or serve as an aid to pest infestation.

A Possible Alternative to Tree Cutting?

In some cases, cutting the tree down is just one of the available options, not the best option. Overgrown branches can be cut off. Topping which involves the removal of the leaves on a tree might come in handy in a case where pest infestation or disease is confined to the leaves. Also, pest-infested trees can be treated with chemicals by spraying.

Additionally, it’s always important to keep up with routine care like proper watering and mulching. Not only does this help your tree grow and offer a more pristine look, but also it can extend the lifespan of your trees and limit any excess growth around the base.

Of course, if you still need help, it’s always a good idea to give us a call. We are dedicated to your trees health and can help you determine whether or not a tree is a liability for you and your family. 

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