Per Jason our safety specialist and production manager, the change in seasons is slowly approaching….time to think about planting.

From Houselogic Site: (

Here’s the short answer: Plant trees when they have enough time to establish roots before they’re exposed to stressors like high heat, low temperatures, or not enough water. Nicholas Staddon of Monrovia, a plant seller, says late summer/early fall is the best time to plant in most parts of the U.S. — zones 4 to 8.“During the winter months in many parts of the U.S., roots are still active,” Staddon says. “The tree starts to acclimatize itself to your soil. So in the spring, it bursts forth with leaves and flowers.” Of course, trees have different needs, and areas have different climates. So, we’re breaking down best planting times according to climates and types of trees.

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