We’re now entering the peak of severe weather season in Georgia. We’ve already seen a breakout of severe storms earlier this month, and there are sure to be more later this spring.

One of the biggest impacts of severe storms always seems to be downed trees. There’s always a concern about wind, but rain and soil also play big parts in why trees fall.

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We learned there are three factors that cause them to fall:

The first is people:

Construction can weaken tree roots. Once that happens, it’s easier for high wind to blow down a tree.

Second is Georgia’s soil:

Georgia red clay gets especially slimy in the rain. Again, it doesn’t take much to bring down a tree, in those conditions.

Third is drought.

When the ground gets especially dry, trees get weak. Add the occasional heavy rain and a strong gust of wind, and a tree can easily fall.

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It’s a good idea to have your trees checked by an arborist and budget for tree care every three to five years.