The cost of tree removal is determined by:

  1. Labor: Labor is generally the highest part of the cost of tree work.  If the workers are properly paid, properly insured, and working using the highest possible safety standards, then you have hired the right company.  Worker’s compensation is required for all workers, and is generally between 13 and 40 percent of the cost of their pay.  At Boutte Tree, thanks to our very low rate of injury, we have the lowest possible rate of worker’s comp in Georgia.  Our workers take great care to follow every safety measure to protect themselves and our clients from injury and property damage.  A properly trained crew with safety gear and safety knowledge is worth every penny.
  2. Volume of wood:  The sheer volume of wood will determine the length of time that it will take the crew to process the wood, whether that be by chipping it or hauling it off in parts to be recycled elsewhere.  The girth and height of trees varies greatly and just a couple of inches in diameter a few meters in height can change the scope of work.
  3. Location of the tree on the property.: A pine in the front yard vs. a pine in the back yard are two very different situations.  Certain tree removals require more specialized equipment.

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