Summer Time Tree Care tips and trends

Tree Service Experts in Atlanta, GA, Share Tips on Keeping Trees Healthy This Summer

Keep Your Trees Healthy and Looking Great Through the Summer Months With These Tips!

It’s hard to know what summer will bring in terms of weather. Sometimes it’s hot and dry, and at others, it’s cool and wet. But summer always brings unique challenges for tree care. Too much or too little water can be damaging, and trees at different stages of growth require different tree care. So read on to learn summer tree health care tips from an expert tree service company. 

Importance of Mulching

The correct use of mulch enhances proper summer tree care. Proper mulching helps trees absorb moisture and also helps protect their roots. The mulch should be placed in a circle around the tree, at a depth of about three to five inches. But one thing not to do is place the mulch directly up against the tree trunk.

Proper mulching is all about the roots underneath the soil. So it’s a good idea to start the mulch layer several inches out from the base of the trunk and have it extend out one or two feet from the tree, creating a mulch circle. Maintaining this ring of mulch around the tree is essential for proper soil maintenance and tree health. 

Consistent Watering and Proper Irrigation

One of the tricks for keeping trees healthy in the summer is all about good watering practices. Whether watering is done with an irrigation system or a garden hose, the following tips hold true:

  • Water the soil above the roots, not the foliage or the trunk itself. 
  • Water in the morning hours to avoid the evaporation that happens during hotter times of day. 
  • It’s okay for some of the soil to be moist while other sections seem dry. 
  • Muddy soil around the tree is an indication of over-watering.  

Pest Inspections

It’s important to check trees for signs of diseases and pests during the summer. Trees can be weakened by high summer temperatures, which can leave them susceptible to invasion. The best way to do this is with a professional arborist who can do thorough pest inspections for the trees on the property. An arborist can also perform a tree risk assessment and suggest tree trimming if it’s needed. 

What to Do About Weak Limbs

Sometimes it becomes apparent that a tree has a weak limb or is growing in such a way that isn’t healthy for the tree or the surrounding property. If left unchecked, both weak limbs and suboptimal tree growth can pose a danger to the property and the people living there. 

Luckily, cabling or bracing is often used to support weak limbs and correct tree growth. This is best done by a professional tree service company. Those homeowners who suspect that they have a weak limb should contact a professional tree service company as soon as possible. Because, before long, a weak branch can become a dead branch that needs to be pruned if bracing or cabling isn’t possible. 

Preferred Pruning Practices

Summer isn’t generally the best time for pruning trees. But, in the event that there’s a broken, dead, or dying branch, it’s a good idea to remove that branch to prevent an accident from happening, but only when it’s strictly necessary. The same can be said for a dead or dying tree. Tree removal is important in many cases to prevent the spreading of diseases and to make sure the trees don’t fall on people or property. 

Since tree pruning in the summer can pose a threat to the health of the tree, it’s best done by professional arborists. Likewise, tree removal and stump removal can be dangerous and are best done by a tree removal company!

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