Fertilization Program For Your Property

A tree inhabits the same soil for its entire life. The soils around trees in natural surroundings (like the ones in a forest) contain diverse populations of micro-organisms and nutrients that feed off one another. Because of these organisms, trees tend to live much longer and stronger lives in a natural forest setting. Trees in the urban landscape must tolerate poor soils and other stress factors.  Over time, through environmental stresses and other factors, soils become compacted, depleted of any micro-organisms, and become ineffective of sustaining the root system of a tree. At Boutte Tree, we have developed various methods, customized to your property, to help promote a healthy soil environment.

The benefit of Boutte’s customized fertilization program is a more vigorous tree by using a <strong>low</strong> analysis of N-P-K, <strong>low </strong>salt, slow release, high in organics and microbial organisms.  Your trees will live longer and be less susceptible to attack by insects and diseases. Mature and/or declining trees will be more tolerant of these stress factors and less likely to decline.  A complete fertilization program will prevent, as well as treat, soil deficiencies and will improve root development.

Soil deficiencies can be complex and difficult to diagnose. Abnormal leaf color, size, shape, and density may indicate a nutrient deficiency in the soil. The symptoms for insect, disease, or herbicide damage are similar. An imbalance in soil pH and/or chemistry can affect nutrient availability and mimic nutrient deficiency.

Soil compaction can reduce pore space and root development, and restrict water and nutrient movement through the soil profile.

A Certified Arborist can diagnose soil deficiencies and recommend treatment. Fertilizing is a critical step in rebuilding root systems and replenishing energy reserves of a tree.

Soil testing is used to determine pH and nutrient levels, enabling us to fine-tune rates and customize micro-nutrient applications to your site.

We have carefully formulated a fertilization program that address soil deficiencies and improve the health of urban trees. A complete soil therapy program will:

  • Increase organic and mineral substances essential for tree growth.
  • Improve soil texture, structure, bulk density and workability to improve moisture and air conditions in the      soil.
  • Increase water holding capacity in the soil.
  • Improve nutrient availability, including nitrogen and other micro and macro nutrients.

Fertilization  Prescriptions

Basic Mix

Our basic Eco-Friendly mix program was designed to provide the healthiest, nutrient-rich soil for your trees. The healthier a tree or shrub, the more able it will be to defend itself against insect and disease.  Before pest problems occur, we can restore your trees’ natural health with state-of-the-art, eco-friendly approaches. Plants require nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy. In an urban or suburban environment, leaves, your trees’ natural nutrient source, are removed. As a result, the trees on your property are forced to compete with turf and other vegetation for the remaining food and water supply.  These factors coupled with environmental stresses from compacted soils and root zone competition can cause deficiencies.

The Basic program reintroduces essential nutrients to the soil in your landscape, at precise intervals, based on the needs of your trees and shrubs.  Variables such as soil condition, age, health, and location of tree species, weather and stress conditions, are all factors into the tree fertility program your arborist develops for your property.

Drought Mix

Here in Atlanta we are prone to experience droughty conditions on a regular basis.  At times watering bans make watering trees and shrubs illegal.  Many mature trees and newly planted trees are already stressed due to old age or transplant shock, and are not able to withstand drought stresses. Trees that are in the beginning stages of decline before a drought are pushed even further into the decline spiral when we experience extended periods of low rainfall.  Trees die when they reach the permanent wilting point (PWP) and roots can not take up what little water is left in the soil.  Water is the most significant and important component of a tree’s life. It serves as the raw material for essential biological processes, including photosynthesis. In addition, water is necessary for the uptake of minerals, which eventually combine with proteins to determine tree health. The interruption or termination of these natural processes can initiate a chain of events beginning with low plant vigor, and ultimately resulting in severe decline.  Eventually the tree experiences a premature death.

Our Drought formula is the answer to the problem. We have a custom blend of humates, yucca, living soil fungi and bacteria, black sea kelp, plant hormones, and amino acids, all mixed with water then injected directly into the soil where it is readily available to the root system. Our formula will help trees by:

  • Increasing soil water holding capacity by as much as 200%
  • Strengthening and re-hydrating cells without drawing on stored energy reserves
  • Capturing moisture from the ambient humidity through the leaves
  • Enhancing absorption of nutrients, minerals, and water by the root system
  • Enabling the plant to engage the defense mechanisms and stress management processes to defend itself against insect and disease attack, and environmental and cultural stresses

Be cautious of other companies’ soil programs that use conventional fertilizers containing nitrogen and chemical salts. These ingredients increase a plants demand for water, by sucking water out of plant cells through a gradient in osmotic potential between plant roots and the surrounding soil. The result is an escalation of tree stress levels and aggravation of the problem.

Super Mix

Our Super Mix program is designed as an organic, environmentally friendly approach to promoting the health your trees by applying a variety of beneficial bacteria, trichoderma and mycorrhizae fungi along with additional organic management solutions.  Trees have a natural Soil Food Web (SFW) – an interaction of tree roots, microorganisms, and organic matter in the soil. The diversity within the SFW has a direct and indirect impact on the health of your soil and trees. Adjustments can be made with applications of microorganisms not readily present in the soil. We analyze the site conditions (based on the needs of your trees’ biological requirements), develop a prescription to enhance the quality of the SFW, and then apply these treatments to restore the soil to favorable conditions.

Custom Mixes

Custom mixes containing iron or other micronutrients may be used to treat specific problems such as chlorosis, or specific requirements of young and mature trees.