Tree Care Experts From Atlanta, GA Share Tips For Planting Trees Close to Power Lines

Is It a Safety Hazard To Plant Trees Close to Power Lines?

There are risks associated with planting trees too close to power lines. The tree branches should not be touching the power lines because it can cause accidental fires and electrocution. Homeowners worried about a tree on their property should have a tree risk assessment done by a tree care specialist to determine if the tree is a safety hazard.  

What Happens When a Tree Is Touching Power Lines?

Power lines have insulation around them to prevent accidents, but fires and electrocutions still occur. Trees do not naturally conduct much electricity, so a twig or two will not typically lead to disaster. The risk increases the more the tree grows into the power lines. There is also the factor of adverse weather knocking the tree into the powerline. Sparks from a damaged wire can cause the tree to catch fire or even a nearby home. 

Another risk factor is the water content in and around the tree trunk. Some trees have water reserves underneath them that the homeowners are unaware of. Water conducts electricity and will boost the chances of a power surge causing the tree to catch fire. An electrical surge can carry from the branches at the top of the tree down to the roots, causing a fire to spark internally. People can even be electrocuted standing too close or touching a tree that has an electric current running through it. 

It Is Dangerous For Trees to Touch Wires!

It is a serious safety hazard for tree branches to be touching wires. A few of the risks include house fires, forest fires, and electrocution. Failing to do proper tree health care such as pruning and trimming can be a costly mistake. Sometimes tree removal is the best option for homeowners who do not want to do regular upkeep. 

It is a bad idea to wait until the power line is spitting out sparks before calling a tree service company. Many arborists offer free consultations and quotes. These tree care experts are a great resource when purchasing a new home or planting new trees. There are many factors to consider when it comes to safely planting trees near power lines and a good tree service company can recommend the best solutions. 

Plant Trees Strategically

When planning a landscape power lines should be taken into consideration. Careful research should be done on the type of plant and the placement to ensure it is not a safety hazard. The depth the roots will grow to, water beneath the soil, and how tall the tree will grow are factors to consider. The utility company may have restrictions on where trees can be planted in relation to power lines. 

Arborists are tree care experts which can help plan a well-shaded and beautiful yard around the utilities. Before planting any trees, homeowners may want to contact a local tree health company, their utility company, and their homeowners’ association. 

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