The arborists at Boutte Tree, Inc. in Atlanta share helpful information about tree removal. 

For tree owners with trees that seem to be suffering, it can be confusing trying to navigate the situation. There is a lot of conflicting information about when a tree is in poor health compared to when it needs to be removed. Trying to figure it out without professional help can be impossible. Here are some tips to help you decide:

Signs a Tree is Sick

Not every sick tree needs to be removed. Often with good plant health care practices, trees can be saved; this may take the form of better nutrition for the tree or pruning. However, for trees that are very sick, removal may be the only option. 

Trees that are suffering from an illness will show signs like having large dead sections, hollow trunks, and insect infestations. Trees that are suffering to this extent should be removed before they cause damage or injury. 

Damage from Fungus Growth

Fungus damage in trees is very common for trees that were previously sick. Fungal growth is usually the result of too high moisture content in certain portions of the trees. High moisture can be the result of:

  • Poor air circulation: Canopies that grow too thick block light and air from moving; this can allow fungus to grow on a tree that will eventually be detrimental. 
  • Overwatering: Roots that stay wet from poor drainage or overwatering will grow mold and fungus. These growths will block nutrients from the tree and cause it to become sick. 
  • Dead wood: Trees that aren’t trimmed of their dead wood will get fungal infections. Dead wood absorbs water that will encourage fungal growth. The fungus will leach nutrients from the tree and eventually kill it. 

Invasive Roots Cause Damage

Keeping large limbs trimmed away from houses and power lines is important but perhaps more important is keeping roots away from structures. Tree roots grow underground undetected but generally, they extend out as far as the canopy of the tree. This means that while limbs are trimmed away from structures, their roots are still reaching out underneath houses, sidewalks, roadways, and sewer lines. 

Not Enough Space for the Tree

Trees that were poorly selected can outgrow their space. Also, trees may be in the way when a property owner decides to expand the number of structures present. Either way, the trees won’t have enough space to grow and there won’t be enough room for safe human activity. Whether the tree has overgrown a space or an owner needs site clearing services, an arborist is the best professional to hire for help. 

Weather Damage

Weather events like high winds or fluctuating rain patterns can be hard on local Atlanta trees. Droughts and freezes can also cause damage. Anytime weather patterns deviate outside of the norms, damage to trees can occur. When damage is too extensive, tree removal is a good option. Tree removal from a tree service company can remove the tree that will be a safety hazard as it degrades. They will remove the stump and then allow the owner to replant the area so the space is rehabilitated more quickly. 

Call the Professionals 

For homeowners looking for help in deciding to remove a tree, call Boutte Tree, Inc. in Atlanta at (404) 799-5472. They have years of experience helping owners save trees with good plant healthcare practices and safely remove undesirable trees.