Choosing the Right Tree Service Company (2)

Arborists in Atlanta, GA, Share Information on Choosing the Right Tree Service Company

A Certified Team, Arborists, and Other Tips on Choosing the Best Tree Service Company

Most people know to look for a team that includes a certified arborist when deciding on a tree service company. Of course, these two aspects are must-haves, but there are some other factors to look out for when choosing a reputable service. Whether the job requires tree planting, tree pruning, or tree removal, the right company can mean the difference between a beautiful yard and an utter disaster. So read on to find out how to choose a tree service company. 

Communication is Key, Along With Knowledge and Experience

When first starting a search for the right tree service company, it’s worth it to make a few calls. It doesn’t take long and it helps to determine how well the companies communicate. Any company that plays phone tag, dodges simple questions, and seems too busy to take the call should be discounted. If their communication is poor, chances are that other aspects of their company aren’t much better. 

Next up comes knowledge and experience, which often come as a pair. When a tree care company seems to have knowledge and not experience, or vice versa, they’re probably not the one to choose. Even if the company hasn’t been around for a long time, there should be people on staff who have the experience and knowledge to help run the company well. 

Other Essentials Include Safety Precautions, Proper Equipment, and Insurance

Some other factors to consider involve the overall safety of the company’s workers and the people living or working on the property as well as the property itself. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have an accident on their property only to find that the tree service isn’t insured. This is why any tree care company should be fully insured. 

But preventing accidents in the first place should also be a major concern. This, of course, is done with safety precautions and proper equipment. Safety precautions ensure that no one is taking any unnecessary risks and proper equipment, such as hard hats, safety harnesses, and eye protection, is the least a reputable service can do for its employees.  

Pricing and Waste Management Are Vital

Lastly, when choosing an arborist, pricing and waste management are vital. It’s common for tree service companies to perform a tree risk assessment to determine what exactly needs to be done. But even this preliminary service should only take place until the homeowners are clear about the costs involved and the processes to follow the assessment. Up-front pricing is the mark of a good tree service. 

Equally, waste management is a big part of tree removal. A skilled team will perform tree pruning, health care, and even tree planting, but this isn’t the end of the job. Any of the debris and waste they’ve generated needs to be dealt with efficiently and promptly unless the homeowners request otherwise. The property should end up looking better than it did before the tree service company arrived. 

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