Trees are magnificent creatures that require maintenance just like anything else, and Atlanta professionals are here with the information homeowners are looking for. 

Facts About the Evergreen and Keeping it Evergreen

Contrary to what the name suggests, evergreen trees aren’t always green! That said, if an evergreen tree exhibits an excessive amount of brown, there is probably something more at play and the homeowner should consult a professional. Evergreen trees are a durable breed, but they still require a little love and attention every now and then, especially in the cold months. There are things that homeowners should look for and be aware of when it comes to caring for their evergreens. Luckily, the information below should give homeowners all they need to keep their evergreen happy this winter. Still, there comes a time when professional assistance is necessary. 

Continue reading to learn about this fine line and more about evergreen care!

What Is An Evergreen?

Evergreen leaves may not be what one thinks of when they try to picture a leaf. They are long and needle-like in shape, but just like any other leaf, they require enough sunlight to properly photosynthesize. During the winter, the days are shorter and evergreens might not get enough sunlight to complete the photosynthesis process, thus resulting in brown, dead leaves if the tree isn’t properly cared for.

That said, they typically respond well to weather changes. When the weather gets colder, they enter dormancy. During this time period, the tree is essentially hibernating. It doesn’t do much growing but consumes just enough nutrients to keep itself alive and healthy. 

Things homeowners can do to care for their evergreen during the winter:

  • Apply a layer of winter mulch just before the season starts
  • Water it occasionally
  • Wrap the tree

When water evergreens during the winter, it’s recommended to do it twice a month. Homeowners want to make sure they water enough for two feet in depth. 

Possible Causes Affecting Evergreens

Winter burn is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to an evergreen during the winter. If the winter burn is bad enough, it could potentially lead to the death of the tree. However, if it’s caught early, the tree will bounce back without much worry. 

The best way to tell if winterburn is doing significant damage is to first analyze just how much of the tree is covered in brown leaves. Next, the homeowner can prick off or cut off a small piece of a branch and if the branch is green and moist, the tree should be fine!

Remember to never prune an evergreen tree during the winter, especially if it’s experiencing even a small winter burn. 

What To Do About it

The best thing homeowners can do for their evergreen trees is to protect them before winter hits. However, if the tree still experiences winter burn, there are a couple of things homeowners can do. 

First, wrap the tree for the rest of winter and continue to water it periodically. Make sure the tree still gets as much sunlight as possible too. Once spring hits, homeowners should then cut off all the dead foliage. The tree will be out of dormant season by then and should sprout new branches quite easily. 

If this doesn’t happen, it may be time to remove the tree. 

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