New 70-ton crane can do the most challenging of jobs.  No tree is too big for this machine!

Removal of a condemned Water Oak in Midtown using Boutte Tree’s 38-ton crane. This tree had only slight decay and Boutte Tree tried hard to save the tree but due to the impending sale of the house to a tree-skittish buyer, the owner was forced to remove the tree. This is the same job pictured above in our time-lapse video that depicts Boutte Tree’s unique system for removing trees which is safer and more efficient that our competitors!

Removal of 2 very large dead oaks in the heart of Kirkwood. Boutte Tree uses its unique RigEm&Roll to do the most difficult jobs in Atlanta with grace and ease. Boutte Tree completed this job safely and with all due permitting for less than half the price of other well-known Atlanta tree companies. Allow Boutte Tree to put our experience and technology to work to remove your trees safely, professionally, and affordably.

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Removing a pine that fell towards a house and was arrested by a hickory tree. This was a very technical tree extraction.

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A tricky removal on N.Highland with power lines and a busy street went smoothly thanks to Boutte Tree’s conscientious, skilled workers and their knowledge of the machinery that they used.

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Recently Boutte Tree conducted a large tree removal for a homeowner who wished to remove some very old and dangerous pine trees which had been leaning over the house. Boutte Tree removed 5 large pines using a 50-ton crane and a crew of 5 workers. Below are some photos showing the removal of the final pine tree which was so close to the house that the tree was growing around the gutters! Large tree removals comprise the bulk of the work here at Boutte Tree and are our specialty. We have the equipment and experience to safely remove trees regardless of their proximity to houses, powerlines, etc. Put your trust in the premier large tree removal company of Atlanta.

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