Frequently Asked Questions

Question:          What happens if it rains or STORMS ON OR BEFORE my scheduled date?

Answer:           In the tree industry, our schedule is highly dependent on weather.  Should it rain or storm on/or before the date of your project, our office will contact you that morning to alert you while we work on rescheduling your project. Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions as well regarding weather delays and storm/emergency work.

Question:          I have received my proposal and want to proceed – what is my next step?

Answer:           Our office will contact you directly to discuss your scheduled work and your scheduling preferences; however, as the client you must formally accept the proposal via the link provided in the email we sent with the proposal or by going to and filling out the acceptance form.  We strive to contact you within 24 hours of your formal acceptance.

Question:          What time should I expect the crew and how long will the work take?

Answer:           Each project is different – please contact our office if you have questions on timing or prefer a particular time of the day. Please keep in mind that we do our best to provide a time of arrival; however, the schedule of the day is unpredictable. We are happy to provide an approximate time window or offer a call ahead of our arrival.  Please let us know.

Question:          Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my scheduled work?

Answer:           Please thoroughly read any instructions within your proposal to prepare for the date of your project. Typically, we will need you to keep your driveway clear of vehicles on the date of the project unless otherwise specified on your proposal. Feel free to contact our office or your representative directly with any questions.

Question:          Does my work require a permit?  If so, how long does that take?

Answer:          City of Atlanta and many surrounding municipalities do require a permit for tree removal depending on size and condition of the tree. We will let you know if a permit is required, and of course all DDH (dead, dying & hazardous) tree removal permits are handles by our staff at Boutte Tree at no charge to you. If a permit in your area requires any additional costs, we will be sure to alert you.

Question:          What if I need to cancel, postpone, or change my scheduled work date?

Answer:           Please allow us as much notice as possible should your schedule needs change.  We require at least 48 hour notice.

Question:          My project requires a GA Power line drop – what does that entail?

Answer:       If your estimate specifies that a GA Power line drop is needed, we do so for the safety of our crew members. We understand this could be an inconvenience to you and we do our best to schedule the earliest time with GA Power on your scheduled date.  We will also handle the reconnection order with GA Power.

                While they do promise same day reconnection, they do not provide timing on the reconnection. Please take any necessary precautions related to refrigerators/freezers, as well as elderly family members and pets while you may be without electricity.

Question:          What if I have questions or concerns about my project once it is completed on my scheduled date?

Answer:          Please contact our office directly as soon as possible so we may resolve any issues or outstanding concerns in a timely manner.

Question:         I have approved my work, and already have a scheduled date – what if I have additions to make to my project?

A9:           Please contact our office or your representative directly.  Depending on the amount of additional work, we may need to provide you an updated quote or reschedule your project based off new timing. Please keep in mind that upon acceptance of your proposal, you are scheduled based off the time allotted. If additions on-site are time consuming and we have not planned for it in advance, it could affect other clients scheduled on that day.  Proper notice is appreciated.

Question:        What is the process of my scheduled work on the date of the project?

Answer:         The crew performs the majority of the work on your scheduled date(s).  Once the crew has left, you may be left with some of the larger logs on-site and/or stump(s) to grind (if stump grinding was included on your proposal).  Log collection and stump grinding should be completed separately for you within 24-48 hours of the crew’s work.

Question:        What are my payment options?

Answer:         Payment is due upon completion of the work.  We accept all major credit cards by phone or online via our website at   Should you prefer to send a check, we do accept checks as well and they can be mailed to us at:  2275 Marietta Boulevard NW, Suite 270, Box 333, Atlanta, GA 30318.  Thank you!