Georgia-based tree care specialists explain when a tree removal permit is necessary.

Some Trees Need Removal Permits even on Private Property

Living in a city has both advantages and disadvantages. While a home may be within a short distance of entertainment and goods, the property owners may be beholden to the city for work done even on their own property. It is always worthwhile to check with the city’s urban forestry division to see if there are any permits that need to be in place before beginning yard work, tree removal, or new construction.

Why You Should Remove Certain Trees

Trees are a valuable asset to any yard, both aesthetically and practically. They often provide natural beauty as well as shading both yard and home, which can assist with cooling costs.  Trees are the plants that are the greatest oxygen producers, something that is important to the entire globe. 

However, even the most ardent tree health expert will admit that there are legitimate reasons for cutting down certain trees. Some of these are included in the list below.

  • Tree Death
  • Extensive Tree Disease
  • Lightning Strike
  • Hazard to Power Lines
  • Hazard to Other Trees
  • Hazard to Home/Business
  • Landscaping Choices

Atlanta Tree Regulations

The City of Atlanta actually has very few rules about tree removal on private property.  Trees that are less than 6” DBH or diameter-at-breast height can be removed without a permit. This means that only trees that are quite large need a permit for removal from private property. Removing a tree on public property, however, is another matter. No tree of any size can be removed from public property without the proper permit.

Protected Trees

Trees considered to be protected are those that may have some sort of historical significance and may not even be pruned without city permission. All trees within the city limits that are over a certain size are protected in the sense that a permit is required for removal. Unless the tree is actually causing a real or potential hazard the permit application is not guaranteed to be approved. 

The Permit Process

The first step in getting a tree removed is to fill out the application for tree removal. This can be obtained through the City of Atlanta Arborist Division and can be submitted online.  Below is a step by step breakdown of what happens in the permitting process:

  • Submission: The application is submitted by the person wanting to remove the tree.
  • Inspection: A certified arborist from the city makes a tree risk assessment and tree health assessment to evaluate the claims of the application.
  • Approval/Denial: The application will be approved or denied in due course.
  • Appeal: An appeal can be made about the denial of an application if desired.

Do Not DIY: Choose to Hire a Professional 

After all this approval process, you may not want to make one more call to a tree service company, but trying to deal with tree removal yourself can be an enormous mistake. Injury and even death can result from attempting tree pruning and tree removal without the help of a certified arborist. Your health and that of your trees may depend on that phone call; not to mention the possibility of punitive fines that may result if all the paperwork is not in place. The tree health expert can advise you on this as well.

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