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Accomplishing home projects on your own is something that can make you feel proud of yourself; you can tell people, “I did that.” When it comes to pruning the trees in your yard, though, this is something you should always leave to the professionals. One wrong move could lead to real dangers and potentially injured in the process. Keep yourself, your home, and your neighbors safe by calling a professional tree pruning service like Boutte Tree. You can trust that we will have the expertise to get the job done in the safest and most efficient way possible.

The trees in your yard are more complex than they look. Let our trained professionals save your time and money by getting your trees pruned properly. Continue reading to learn more about the dangers involved with pruning a tree on your own.

DIY Tree Pruning Puts You in Danger

If you head to your yard in hopes of pruning a tree on your own, chances are you don’t have the right equipment or training to ensure safety on the job. You can find all kinds of horror stories of people trying to prune their trees on their own and they end up falling out of the tree or a large tree branch falls on top of them.

The trees in your yard might not seem that big until you are at the top of one. Falling out of a tree or getting pinned by a branch is the last thing you want to happen.

Future Problems Caused by DIY Tree Pruning

Trees require regular maintenance, but when you prune a tree yourself you could cause problems later down the line.

When you prune a tree yourself, chances are, you are depending on an article or video for instruction. The main problem here is that the article and video do not know the current state of your tree; you could have an emergency tree situation and not even know it. Then, a few weeks or even months later, you think you have successfully pruned your tree, but then a branch or large limb could break off and fall to the ground or on your home.

If your tree is near any electrical wire, this could cause a whole mess of trouble.

Mistake Made by Non-Professionals

The problem with DIY tree pruning is that you likely don’t have any training in the field. This can lead to all sorts of mistakes made that could cost you your tree in the end, or worse, part of your home.

Some common DIY tree pruning mistakes are:

  • Tree topping: Cutting off the top of the tree to reduce the height can compromise the structure of your tree because tree topping encourages sucker growth.
  • Pruning big branches: Increases risk of internal decay
  • Cutting too close to the branch collar: This can lead to decay in the trunk
  • Damaging the bark: This leaves your tree susceptible to disease
  • Cutting off too much: This can lead to tree death or the tree falling due to structural damage

Why Choose Us

At Boutte Tree, we are the local, responsible, and respectful tree experts that are trained to handle any tree situation. We can handle all your tree pruning, removal, and planting needs. Not only will your trees remain healthy and vibrant when you choose our services, but the risk of injury or damage to the home is significantly reduced. Call and schedule your appointment today!