Crane Rental Pricing

Crane Rental Pricing

We offer 2 sizes of cranes, a 40-ton crane and 70-ton crane. Jobs are priced per hour with a 4 hour minimum for the 40-ton crane and a 6 hour minimum for the 70-ton crane. There is pricing for rental with a climber and without a climber.  All tree work rentals will require a climber.  The only time when a climber is not required is when we are hired to do a unique job where climbing is not part of the scope of work

Cancellation Fee:  The minimum charge is the cancellation fee: $1100 ($1180 weekends) for 40-ton and $2070 ($2310 weekends) for 70-ton. Inclement weather does not incur a cancellation fee.  A cancellation fee is incurred when the job is cancelled within 24 hours of the start of work.  There is no fee is the job is cancelled BEFORE that time.


If you require a site visit prior to booking your crane then you may call our office at 404-799-5472 so we can send a representative to help you assess feasibility and job prerequisites. Boutte Tree, Inc. will help with emergency situations as long as previously scheduled jobs aren’t affected. If you are ready to book a crane but have concerns about scheduling then you may call or email Bora Berki at 404-799-5472 or [email protected] to discuss the schedule prior to making your deposit. If you choose not to have our rep help with feasibility assessment and you book a crane that cannot perform the work then the Cancellation Fee/Minimum Fee will be incurred.


Email [email protected] for more information or to get on our schedule.