The Tree Care Experts in Atlanta, GA Share Tips for Preventing Tree Damage

How The Seasons Can Cause Tree Damage

As we move through the seasons each year, the trees on any given property are affected. They can develop damage, disease, and decay from changing temperatures, harsh weather, and seasonal infestations.

Fall and winter can be particularly tough on trees. Harsh elements like wind, snow, freezing rain and ice can cause branches and limbs to snap, become broken, or fall altogether. Even worse, winds and ice can cause an already dying or dead tree to fall. In fact, if the conditions are severe enough, a healthy tree could be in danger of failing.

Homeowners need to be alert for signs of tree problems throughout the year, but particularly in the fall and winter season to prevent damage from occurring. KNOW YOUR TREES!

What Kind of Damage Can a Tree Cause?

If a tree or limb falls on a residential property, the damage could be great and injuries could be significant. Here are some possible effects associated with a damaged tree or tree limbs:

  • Personal Safety: Personal safety is the number one concern for homeowners. A tree or tree branch that falls on an unsuspecting victim can cause anything from a few bumps and scratches to death.
  • Electricity Disruption: If a tree or limb strikes a power line or telephone pole, it can disrupt the power for long periods of time and create an unsafe environment for anyone near the live wire.
  • Home Damage:  Trees can cause significant damage to the roof and exterior structure to the point of the home not being habitable.
  • Property Damage: Outdoor living spaces, swing sets, sheds, and vehicles can all be impacted by a falling tree or branch that falls at the right angle.
  • Floods: Floods are not something many homeowners think of when it comes to falling tree branches, however, it is possible. Even small branches and other debris from the tree can build up on the roof and clog gutter systems. This creates the opportunity for water to pool and flood basements and can potentially cause other water damage in the home.

Preventing Tree Damage Before It Occurs

Follow these simple rules to keep the property, home, and occupants safe from injury:

  • Visual Inspection: Homeowners are encouraged to do a visual inspection of their surrounding trees. Look for things such as hanging or broken limbs, signs of weather damage, and overall health.  KNOW YOUR TREES!
  • Trimming and Pruning: Trimming and pruning trees not only help trees grow but remove potential threats. Remove dead or decayed limbs and branches and check for signs of disease or insect infestations that can cause issues in the future.
  • Tree Risk Assessment Survey: Inspection of the tree from a 360-degree angle to assess things like common weather patterns, location of the tree, and overall health and status.

If problems are found, it is important to reach out to an arborist so they can assist in finding a solution for the tree.

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