Bacterial wetwood, also known as slime flux, is caused by an infection of one or more of several bacteria. It results in a water-soaked, oozing or bleeding condition of wood, which occurs in the trunk, branches and roots of shade and ornamental trees. It is normally not serious in most trees but is a chronic disease, which causes concern and can contribute to a general decline in tree vigor over time. It smells like yeast, which makes sense because the bacteria are feeding off the sugar, like beer. Fun fact: you typically will not find significant wood decay because of the anaerobic conditions. If you smell a rather peculiar scent in the neighborhood one morning, it could be trash day, or it could be bacterial wetwood.  Some cases can even make an entire rental complex smell like you are inside of a garbage dumpster! There are available treatments that could save these poor trees from an untimely demise. Call Boutte Tree for help with bacterial wetwood 404-799-5472.

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