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Winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2007!

“Boutte is great!  They removed a huge, dying oak tree that was only 10-15 feet from our house and barely left a blade of grass out of place.  🙂 They brought in a huge mobile crane to do the job right.  It was a bit of a shock to walk out and see it parked inches from our dining room window, but not to worry-these folks know what they are doing.  They were extremely careful around our
existing landscaping, put down sheets of plywood on our lawn so as not to leave tire ruts, leaving everything intact. These people are very professional and take their jobs seriously… I suggest using a company whose workers appear (like Boutte’s) to enjoy their jobs.  This is an indication that the company cares enough to treat them with respect and pay them what they are worth.  If only every company was like that, our world would be a lot better off.”  Angie’s List review, 3/8/2016

“Boutte was professional from first contact to last.  A representative came and looked at the tree and made recommendations, then sent a proposal.  They were able to fit me into their schedule during the week I needed the work to be done.  The crew was very polite when they arrived (on time) and did a great job.  They used a large crane to lift the sections of tree out of the yard without damaging any of the other trees or shrubbery.  They were even able to save a big burl for me that I asked for.  The best illustration of the thoughtfulnes and efficiency of the crew happened as they were lifting out the final huge section of trunk.  My husband and I were watching from the door and saw a tiny terrified flying squirrel running around on the side and up onto the top of the section.  We called over to the man standing nearest to us and told him.  He made sure that the trunk was set down softly on its end and then I saw several of the men watching to make sure the squirrel jumped off before they laid the trunk down.  I was so impressed with the care they took.  I would absolutely call Boutte for any large tree job I had.”  Angie’s List review, 12/23/2015

“I couldn’t have asked for a more professional thorough job.  The guys had everything in control every step of the way.  The tree despite its precarious situation was removed in a precise and methodical fashion.  The clean up of surrounding shards and splinters happened while the crane was being set up and everything worked like clockwork after that.
The things that earned Bouttee an A+ in my opinion were:
1) I had requested some of the wood not get mulched so I could use it for firewood.  They not only agreed, but cut it to the right sizes so it would fit into my fireplace.
2) While they were out and finishing up the job, they kindly cut some branches for our neighbors who had previously done business with them
3) As I had never been through this sort of a thing before, Tierson kindly talked me through what to expect from an insurance claim perspective to ensure I had the right documentation ready
4) From our first call to them we were sure they had everything in control right up until the end.”  Angie’s List review, 9/3/2015


Kudzu’s “Best Of” Winner: 2012, 2013, 2014

“I have the utmost respect and confidence in this company, and Tierson Boutte. A couple of years ago I needed a crepe myrtle too close to my home transplanted. Husband happy to cut it down, but not for me. It was a 30 ft tall gorgeous tree, 24″ from house. Tierson was the ONLY tree expert with the moxie and confidence to accept the offer and they moved it to my front yard where it now flourishes. I can’t say enough positives about this VERY professional team of tree specialists. Call them: you will not be disappointed. All the workers are fabulous to talk to and they want you to be a happy customer. HOW rare is that these days? KUDOS, to this company!” -ariane01, 2/14/2015

“Boutte Trees came, sawed, and conquered 7 massive pines in my yard. Their estimator was very friendly and incredibly responsive. They provided extremely detailed proposals with clear maps of the work and confirmed with me – several times – that the proposal was absolutely correct and in line with what I wanted. They were in constant communication, were very flexible about the scheduling, came exactly on time, and executed the work extremely well. They were very reasonable in terms of price and extremely helpful throughout the whole process. If I ever need any more work done I will not bother going to 6+ services to get quotes I will go right to this group. absolutely everything was as perfect as it could be and exceeded my very high expectations. I really cannot say enough about their work. seems true with others reviewers here as well.” -okeifer, 6/6/2014

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“I used Boutte Tree svc to remove a very, very large dying tree that was located only a few feet from my back door. The only way to access the tree was to use a crane and remove it from the front of my house and carry the sections across my roof. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck…however the Boutte Tree team was amazing! They were on time, efficient, courteous, and more importantly…they took great care and removed the tree without incident or damage to my property. Highly recommend!” -Betty C, June 3, 2016

“Nahun and his crew did a great job pruning some big trees in my front yard in late April. They particularly excercised considerate care while working near my neighbor’s property, cleaned up and removed everything they’d taken down. Also a big shout out to arborist and point man Tyler Baxter and the fertilizing crew which came ahead of the cutters. It’s a seamless operation that comes through every time.” -Ted V, May 26, 2016

“A large red oak fell onto our house last week. Boutte came out and gave an estimate – scheduled the work quickly and did an absolutely amazing job removing this tree. I was in awe of the professionalism of the team – the coordination and efficiency – and the post clean up. From start to finish – they made what was a rather stressful experience much easier. 100% satisfaction – and then some.” -Janet, May 11, 2016

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