Boutte Tree, Inc in Atlanta, GA Shares Essential Tree Tips for the New Year

It’s a New Year, a time for refreshing and renewing as the world prepares for Spring to arrive. You might be wondering how to give your trees and plants the care they need to truly thrive in 2021. It doesn’t take much to give your plants the care they need to prepare them for the year. Many New Year’s resolutions for health and wellness apply to trees just as much as they do people!

Lose Some Inches with Tree Pruning

After a long winter, plenty of people look forward to shedding some extra inches and enjoying the warmer weather – trees and bushes do too! You can get a jumpstart on getting rid of dead limbs and failing foliage by hiring a tree service company to do some tree pruning in your yard. 

Tree pruning in winter? Is that even a thing? 

It sure is! Over the colder months, trees actually respond well to pruning because they have time to concentrate on healing. Plus, pruning in the winter protects the home from falling limbs damaged by winter weather. Pruning and tree trimming in the winter also give trees and foliage the best chance to shine in the summer; without the added weight and drain of dying or dead limbs, the plants focus more on absorbing sunshine and growing greener, and the yard will look twice as nice thanks to all that extra growing power. An expert tree care company like Boutte Tree Inc. has the tools and experience needed to trim trees any time of the year!

Freshen Up with Fertilizer

After a long fall and winter, who wouldn’t want a little “pick me up” of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals? Humans have daily vitamins to take care of adding the extra nutrients we need to stay healthy, but plants rely on the content of their soil. That’s where fertilizer comes in.

Contrary to popular belief, fertilizer is not a type of plant food. It provides the nutrients plants need to photosynthesize, which allows the plants to grow well. Soils vary in nutritional content depending on region, but fertilizer can be used to improve the soil around plants that might be lacking certain nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 

It’s important to work with a tree health care specialist like the team at Boutte Tree Inc. when finding the right fertilizer for your plants. Some plants may require a specific mixture of fertilizer to truly flourish, and there’s more science to finding the perfect fit than you might think. A local arborist company can assist by testing the soil and selecting the right fertilizer for your plant’s unique situation. 

Achieve Healthier Soil

Alongside fertilizer, maintaining healthy soil is essential to revving up your trees and bushes for the New Year. Before taking any steps to add anything to your soil, reach out to a tree care specialist who can advise you what substances might be necessary for your soil, and what to avoid. The pH of the soil can easily be changed depending on what is added to it, and too high or low of a pH can spell trouble for your plants.

Once you know your soil pH and any substances to avoid putting into the soil, you can get to work improving it. Composting is a popular option used to improve soil content. Adding the leftover organic materials from dinner, like tomatoes, banana peels, and even coffee grounds to the soil can add tons of nutritious and beneficial chemicals to the soil for your plants to use. 

Another option is to add grass clippings, leaves, and even manure to the soil to improve the content. While it isn’t the easiest work to do, the rewards of healthy plants are worth it! You can reach out to Boutte Tree Inc. to see what soil-enriching additives might work best for your plant life.

Schedule a Check-Up: Tree Care and Assessments

It’s common sense to have a check-up with a doctor every year, right? Well, the same goes for trees. Scheduling a tree assessment and care appointment ensures that your foliage gets the care it needs to stay healthy. During an assessment, a specialist like the elite technicians at Boutte Tree Inc. can help you provide new soils or fertilizer to your trees, prune any areas that need it, and take other actions to protect the health of your tree like tree cabling and bracing for support. 

Whenever a tree or bush is looking worse for wear, your local tree care specialists can help you decide if it’s time to retire the tree. Specialists can also take care of stump removal or stump grinding to keep the yard immaculate and free of dead plants. With their help, the trees and foliage of your home or business can be well taken care of for years to come. 

Invest in Professional Care

While it can be tempting to hop onto a ladder and trim the trees yourself, it isn’t typically advised. There are a hundred reasons why DIYers shouldn’t attempt to trim trees. 

First and foremost, getting on a ladder to trim tall trees is dangerous. trimming trees can put you in dangerous situations beside power lines, poles, and wildlife. Tree specialists are trained to climb and trim trees safely, without fear of injury, and they’re insured against any accidents that may come up. 

More importantly, hiring a professional means receiving professional care. An arborist or tree service company is trained to take care of many types of trees and plants and can give them the personal, expert-level care each type needs to thrive. Working with a professional like Boutte Tree Inc. guarantees the life of your plants will be longer, healthier, and greener for years to come.