3 Common Tree Trimming Mistakes for Home Owners to Avoid

Tree Care Experts From Atlanta, GA Share the 3 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Trimming Their Trees 

Common Mistakes That Homeowners Make When Tree Trimming 

Trimming the branches is very important to tree health care. Homeowners who attempt tree trimming themselves may do more harm than good if they make any of the following three common tree trimming mistakes. 

Avoiding these three common tree pruning mistakes can help homeowners protect the tree health of their property’s landscape. Trusting a skilled arborist with pruning is the best way to make sure that the job is done right. 

Trimming the Wrong Branches 

One of the most common mistakes made by homeowners who attempt DIY tree trimming is selecting the wrong branches to cut or cutting them at the wrong time of year. Depending on the type of tree, there are going to be specific time frames that are best for pruning regardless of the physical appearance of the tree. 

Tree trimming during the wrong time of year can ruin tree health by attracting seasonal insects to the sap or stunting the growth of flowers and fruits. 

The location of the cut on the branch is important as well. When tree pruning, it is important to avoid cutting through the “branch collar”. The branch collar is the base of the branch where it connects. It is the thickest density of the branch. 

Cutting through this part of the branch can lead to a lot of sap loss and a slow-healing wound. For the best results, homeowners should aim to leave at least 1 inch of the branch left at the base so that the branch collar stays intact. 

Using the Wrong Tools for Tree Care

When it comes time for tree pruning, some homeowners may be tempted to grab whatever pair of shears or scissors are lying around the house. Using the wrong type of shears for tree trimming can be harmful to the health of the tree. It is important for homeowners and arborists to always use shears that are specially made for tree trimming. 

In addition to being the right type of shears, the age and sharpness of the shears matter a lot. The sharper the shears are the cleaner the cut, and the less stress on the tree. Dull shears may take several attempts to cut through the branches, which can cause an unnecessarily large wound on the tree. 

Lack of Sanitation Can Lead to Tree Disease 

What some homeowners may not know about plant health care is that trees are susceptible to becoming sick from viruses and bacteria just like animals. To prevent the spread of infectious disease and fungus between trees, homeowners and arborists should be sure to thoroughly disinfect the tree trimming shears when moving in between trees. Rubbing alcohol can be used to sanitize the shears. 

Leaving the pile of trimmings lying around beneath the trees is another common mistake that homeowners make. When the cut branches and leaves are left in a pile, this can be a nesting ground for insects and diseases. It is best to clean up the trimmings and have them picked up by yard trash removal if available. 

Tree care specialists know how to identify signs of tree disease early. Treating the disease early is essential for preventing a tree removal if the tree succumbs to the disease or infection. Homeowners should schedule an annual tree risk assessment with an experienced tree service company to check for signs of tree disease.

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