By: Sheereen Othman


How do we count the ways we love trees?

We love trees for all the grace and glory
their lofty heights and century-old stories.

We love trees for all that they are
from cleaning the air to the sea of the arctic char.

Where would we be without their bountiful treasures,
whether it’s climbing their limbs for outdoor leisure
or thrashing in the thickets of a yellow fever.

Even the pests of an ash and pine
love these trees so much that it’s led to decline.

Which is why we must plant more trees in the ground
to keep our soil healthy, plentiful, and abound.

The roots of trees soak in excess rainwater
then release it back to cities as drinking water.

The leaves of trees take in the heat of the sun
then breathe it back out to cool everyone.  

Without the trees that line our streets
our sidewalks and homes would overheat.

We love trees for the fruits of their labor

and the joy it brings neighbor to neighbor.

So let’s plant more trees week after week
because a world without trees is a world too bleak.



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