Neighbor Pedestrian Access Form

If you would like to download a paper version of this form to  scan and email it (or snail mail it) you may download the form here. Otherwise, please use the electronic form below.

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    Neighboring Property Pedestrian Access Agreement

    Contractor’s Statement: Boutte Tree’s insurance coverage (General Liability, Worker’s Comp, Auto) will extend to your property. By signing this form the neighbor of a Boutte Tree, Inc. client is authorizing that Boutte Tree, Inc. officers and employees have pedestrian working access to their property on the specified work date. Pedestrian working access means access and permission to tree workers and extends to the carrying of tree sections and hand tools but excludes any mechanized equipment in excess of 500 pounds. This work will be taking place in a specific part of your property as noted.

    Contractor will perform the Work in a diligent and careful manner consistent with industry standards. Contractor will make every reasonable effort to perform the Work in a manner to avoid any injury or damages, but no such guaranty is hereby expressed or provided. Owner understands and acknowledges that the performance of the Work is difficult and inherently dangerous and hazardous, and injuries or damages can result even if the Work is performed with care and caution. Boutte Tree, Inc. values honesty and integrity in all of its dealings and will seek a neighborly solution in the event of a dispute. Should a dispute arise about the property related to pedestrian access as outlined above, you will agree to arbitration according to the American Arbitration Association (AAA) as a method of dispute resolution. Boutte Tree, Inc. will decline to name an arbitrator, and will allow the AAA to select an arbitrator in the interest of a speedy and fair resolution in the event that a neighborly solution cannot be agreed upon. Your signature below authorizes the Release and grants permission to Boutte Tree, Inc. to enter the above designated portion of your property on the designated day of work. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.