Neighbor Power Drop Permission Form

If you would like to download a paper version of this form to scan and email it (or snail mail it) you may download the form here.  Otherwise, please use the electronic form below.

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  • Terms & Conditions

    Neighboring Property Power Line Drop Agreement

    A power line drop is needed in order for your neighbor’s tree work to be safely completed by Boutte Tree, Inc. Boutte Tree, Inc. is not allowed to disconnect your power, only Georgia Power is allowed to do that. Boutte Tree will call GA Power on your behalf to provide them with your information and let them know that you have given permission to have the power cut on the day of the tree work. When the work is completed we will call GA Power to request the reconnect. GA Power usually reconnects the power within an hour or so of our call, but they are not legally required to reconnect it in a timely manner. We are not allowed to reconnect the power.

    Release, Limitation of Liability/Warranty: Boutte Tree will not be disconnecting the power services, the utility company handles all disconnect services. Owner hereby expressly releases Boutte Tree, Inc. from all damages or losses associated with Georgia Power’s disconnection and reconnection of power service.


    • If a GA Power employee commits any misdeeds, accidents, or injuries, then Boutte Tree will not be held responsible.

    • If GA Power does not reconnect the power in a timely way, then Boutte Tree will not be held responsible for any losses in work or rental income.

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