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Tierson Boutte, founder and co-owner of Boutte Tree, Inc. was born in Manhattan, NY and grew up in Washington DC until the age of twelve or so. At that point the family moved to upstate NY where he finished high school in a small mountain town named Keene Valley. A popular ski destination, it became the place where Tierson was to become trained in and finally master snow shoveling.

After his freshman year at GA Tech studying engineering and a disastrous internship in a light switch manufacturing facility, he went home for the summer to work in the view pruning business for Sawteeth, a local business owned by Dan Moore. He learned the ropes and when he returned to school he went to work for Smith’s Tree Service located in Austell, GA. There he was introduced to the removal end of the business. After a while, Tierson left and started offering his own services to the residents of Atlanta.

Boutte Tree came into existence shortly thereafter. At first very small, Tierson has seen the company grow little by little. After he graduated in 2002 with a degree in civil engineering, he devoted all of his energies to the business. Shortly thereafter he became certified as an arborist.

Tierson does the bulk of the safety training and employee development for the field staff and keeps a hand in daily production as well.  Tierson is involved in regional training efforts and collaborates with the GAA, the Crane Safety Institute, and other local organizations in an effort to improve safety and build up skill levels within the industry.  His hobbies include wood splitting and rope splicing.


ISA Board Certified Master Arborist:  SO-5119B



tierson and jessa photo

Jessa Boutte, Owner –  In 2005, Tierson married Jessa and now they own and manage Boutte Tree together.  The Bouttes have 2 daughters who are both avid tree climbers.  The whole family loves trees!




Plant Health Care Director – Robert Brettschneider  joined Boutte Tree Inc.  in 2009.  Robert is responsible for operations, sales and growth of the plant health care department.  Clients love Robert’s attention to detail and his passion for great tree care!
With over 10 years of experience, Brettschneider started as a crew leader then worked his way up to plant health director of Arborguard Tree Specialists and Geer Tree Specialists.

While at Arborguard and Geer Tree, Robert set up many tree health care programs. Some of the programs included writing the plant health care manual for the company, shifting the previous soil fertility program to several progressive soil fertility programs, researching better insect, mite, and disease control methods by using an eco-friendly approach, also spearhead the process to get the company accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association. Additionally, he assisted in the launch of Arborguard’s eco-friendly tree company practices.

“It is going to be a great experience for me to join the Boutte Tree organization. I am happy to be back in the metro Atlanta area taking care of old growth trees”

With an Associates Degree from Milwaukee Area Technical Company and over 19 years experience. He has been an ISA Certified Arborist for over 12 years and an ISA Certified Tree Worker for over 8 years. He promotes eco-friendly tree health care programs by using beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, humic acid, fulvic acid and other ingredients to help Atlanta’s urban soils become more fertile and contribute to thriving plant life. He resides in Woodstock, with his wife and two children.

ISA Certified Arborist: WI-0338AT

TCIA Certified Tree Care Specialist 0287

GA Certified Pesticide Applicator 04207

Contract City Arborist for Smyrna


ISA certified arborist, Tyler Baxter

Arborist –  Tyler Baxter joined our company in 2013.  He is from Atlanta, GA, a rare native!  Tyler earned a BS in Forestry from Auburn and is an ISA certified arborist, utility specialist, tree worker specialist, and municipal specialist.  Whew, that’s a lot of specialness!  His hobbies include water skiing and weekends with family at Lake Burton, snow skiing, fishing, and camping.  We like him because he listens to clients and helps them prioritize their needs.

Tyler is known for extremely detailed and comprehensive proposal-writing skills.  We all remember the day that Tyler sold a pruning job for a particularly detailed-oriented customer.  Between the customer’s desire for detail and Tyler’s natural affinity for precise and lengthy writing the proposal for the pruning of a single tree has reached a full page and a half.  The crew leader complained that he had to take a late lunch because of the time it took to read the work order!

ISA Certified Arborist: SO-5613AUTM
TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional #0350
GA Certified Pesticide Applicator #06744


Arborist – Nick Philp has joined the team!! Nick is from Tulsa, Oklahoma originally, and moved to Cobb County Georgia in 1986 where he still resides.  He has been in the horticulture industry since 1991 and an arborist since 1998, and graduated from North Metro Tech in 1998 with a Associate’s Degree in Environmental Horticulture.

Nick is a plant genius and can identify any species!  Go ahead and challenge him with a tricky or exotic species identification, he will impress for sure!   He can tell you the common and scientific names for hundreds of different trees and plants.  When Boutte Tree has a company party then Nick will ‘dress up’ and he looks great because he sports cowboy boots, and wide-brimmed hat, and a belt buckle that could double as a dinner platter.  Sorry, no pictures for that online!

 ISA Certified Arborist: SO-1952A



Arborist – Todd Harkleroad – A Georgia native, Todd  completed his undergraduate studies at Carson-Newman College in eastern Tennessee and received an MBA from Georgia State University in Atlanta. Todd worked in the landscape maintenance industry during high school and college, has 14 years of property management experience, and has worked as a certified arborist since 2006. Todd and his family live in Milton.

Todd is a car buff and appreciates a nice set of wheels.  Unfortunately for him the Sales Arborists just get a Toyota Corolla for transportation!  We need to keep overhead low so we can pass on the maximum amount of savings to our beloved customers!  Todd suggested we upgrade to something vintage, maybe something European…..but we won’t do it!

Todd is very socialable and has been known to strike up conversations with customers on subjects not related to tree care!

ISA Certified Arborist: SO-5818A


Arborist- John Kaufman joined the Boutte Tree family in 2018. John loves trees and has worked as a forester for 8 years. He also likes people, so he decided to become an arborist and join our sales force. When not looking at trees, John used to spend his free time hiking, gardening, and rock climbing with his beautiful wife. Now that he has a new baby, he spends his free time changing poopy diapers.

ISA Certified Arborist: SO-10091A

Arborist- Heath Gober joined the Boutte Tree family in 2018.  Heath, a native of Birmingham, Alabama is a former United States Marine and has earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in horticulture from Auburn University. He has been involved in Arboriculture since 2012 and has worked as both a climber and consulting arborist for the last few years in Texas. Being a skilled climber, he has served as a judge for several years in the International Tree Climbing Competition. Heath recently moved to Atlanta to join the Boutte Tree Family, to be closer to family, and feels back at home in the Deep South. His hobbies include daily exercise, living a healthy lifestyle, and spending time on the river and trails with his Black Labrador Retriever named Tovie.

ISA Certified Arborist – TX-4310A
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified – TRAQ


Arborist- Phil Sehenuk joined the company in 2019.  Not only is Phil a great arborist, but he is also a great guitar player!  We are looking forward to a great first year.

ISA Certified Arborist – SO-10124A



Production Manager – Jason Helms.  Check out Our new addition to the Boutte Tree Family. Safety and Production Manager Jason Helms caught assisting with stump grinding today. Woot Woot! Go Jason!​



Office Manager – Kelly Wilder.  Kelly Wilder comes to us with a lot of experience in the tree industry.  She is a master of multi-tasking, customer service, and problem solving!  Our office is in top-top condition now that she is here – welcome Kelly!


Christine Keller joined us in 2016 in the office!  If you are lucky you might get to talk to her when you call! Christine handles A/R and billing, so after your work is complete you will get an email from her with your invoice.  Christine has a very analytical mind, and she is pursuing an Associates in Accounting!

Trent Farmer joined the Boutte Family in 2018. He recently moved to Georgia from Oklahoma, and is loving the change. He works in scheduling and logistics.

He is a huge sports fan and enjoys going to Braves games, even though he is a Yankees fan. SHHH don’t tell anyone. He also enjoys playing golf on the weekends, playing softball on the neighborhood team, and spending time with his wife and two puppies, Ducati and Achilles! Trent also lives in the Riverside neighborhood so he is out at a lot of the community events hanging out and volunteering.

Michael Bonnell joined us in 2018 in the office! Michael gets the permits for Boutte Tree, and the street closures, and the power line drops, and sends out letters, and on and on!  After all that, it’s not surprising that he enjoys intellectually intense novels and art.  whoa!


Sharde Brown joined the office in 2018.  She originally hailed from the world of fashion, but has decided that the really chic people are in the tree industry!  She will be the one you likely speak with when you call to book a consultation with one of our arborists.  She is ready to take your call and help you in any way.


Salvador Aguilar, crew leader and climber


Salvador Aguilar has been with Boutte Tree, Inc. since our first expansion to two crews in 2010. With 15 years of experience in horticulture and 8 years in the tree care industry, Sal is at home in the field working with the greatest living things on your property!   When Sal isn’t doing amazing tree work he might be found pondering life’s big questions, thanks to his educational background in philosophy….maybe he and Jessa can write a collaborative book on the philosophy of trees –  Sal believes in trees!


Gabriel Martinez, climber

Gabriel Martinez, climber, crew leader, crane operator



Gabriel Martinez is a skilled and talented tree climber and crew leader who joined the Boutte Tree team in 2010.  He is devoted to safety and best practice tree work.  Since joining us Gabriel has been trained to be a crane operator and now operates our 38-ton Altec crane.  He is dedicated to crane safety.  He recently completed his NCCCO certification testing.

Gabriel and Tierson have been talking throughout the years about life, and Tierson has noticed that as the years go by, Gabriel becomes more American, and Tierson is becoming more Mexican.  Gabriel now wears an American flag bandana to work and has asked for pink work shirts for breast cancer awareness, while Tierson can pull off an “¡Andale!” with perfect pitch!

Antulio Giron, groundsman

Antulio Giron, groundsman


Antulio Giron has been with Boutte Tree since 2008 working with our crews to keep our clients’ jobsites clean and safe.  He is an extremely hard worker and a devoted family man.  He is one of the most long standing employees of the company and a deeply valued member of the team.  Other crew members follow Antulio’s example; and he has taken responsibility for breaking in countless newbies; he does this with taciturn relish.  Starting in 2017, Boutte Tree added a stump grinding machine to the fleet of equipment, and now Antulio, together with his brother Jihovani, operates our Stump Grinding Crew!


Nahun Lemus, Crew Leader, Aerial Lift Operator


Nahun Lemus came to us from the landscaping industry.  Since joining Boutte Tree, he has toughened up considerably.  Always smiling, Nahun has been a great addition to the Boutte family!  He has been promoted to Crew Leader during his time here and has become a very valuable and dependable asset to the company.  We couldn’t do it without Nahun!


Alex Soriano, Climber, Crew Leader


Alex Soriano has a great deal of experience climbing trees in Atlanta.  He came to our company in 2012 and has been impressing us with his speed and grace in the canopy!  Bienvenidos a nuestra familia!  There is so much to say about Alex, we could just go on and on, but let’s just say that the guys have a nickname for him: Pellilo.  It’s a long story.  Speaking of stories, Alex has been known to hold court in the morning with his stories of his adventures in trees, and can keep a room full of arborists rapt.  There is deep skepticism as to the veracity of many of his claims.

Many people have seen our employees play soccer after work at the corner of Bolton Road and Forrest Place here in our Riverside community.  Alex is the one with the ball making the goal.  Yeah.

Jorge Sorto, Climber


Jorge Sorto is a very experienced climber who joined our team in 2013.  Jorge has never been seen without a smile when he is at the office.  Out in the field, he is a stalwart champion of good natured hard work.  He never quits!  This man is hard at work rain or shine, summer or winter, and we love him for it.  He is a family man, and is devoted to his wife and kids.  So we make sure he takes proper breaks to spend time with them.


Melvin Banegas

Melvin Banegas is a ground worker who joined the Boutte Tree team in 2015.  Melvin came to us from Honduras.  Since joining the team he has gained great skills and is now a reliable and integral part of our crane removal crew.


Gerber 2016

Gerber Lopez is a dedicated father, and a great proponent of education.  He is also a dedicated groundsman!  If you are lucky enough to have him on the crew that serves your property you are guaranteed a great cleanup!  He joined us in 2016.


Jacob 2016

Jacob Jenkins is an aspiring arborist learning his way through the industry.  He is currently learning everything he can from Gabriel and Jorge.  He is a devoted family man with a heart of gold.  We welcomed him to the team in 2015.

Jacob has grown into being one of our new crew leaders.  His leadership and dedication to safety make him an amazing guy to have around and you will be lucky if he is the man assigned to your job!

In 2018 Jacob became CTSP certified – Certified Tree Care Safety Professional.  Go Jacob!


Martin 2016

Martin Rangel has been with us since 2012!  He is an accomplished skid steer operator and works on the high volume crews moving material around the worksite.  A very safe and conscientious operator, Martin is able to move enormous logs from backyards to front yards without damaging things.   He is an exceptional worker and an exceptional man!


Modesto 2016

Modesto Cerros joined us in 2016.  He is a very experienced climber with a great deal to teach the younger workers.  We are so happy to have him here.  Working as the lead climber on the aerial lift crew, Modesto is a good natured and mild mannered gentleman.


ricardo 2016

Ricardo Cano joined us in 2014.  Ricardo came to us as a ground worker but in the last 2 years has learned the trade of tree climbing.  He is now a skilled climber on the pruning crew.  Ricardo is in particularly high demand for his detailed pruning skills and his shrub shaping skills.  He is able to take an unruly shrubbery such as a holly or a camellia, and give it a great shape and a tidy appearance without over-pruning.  He is a great worker, and a great person!



Vitelio 2016

Vitelio Reyes came to work with us in 2015.  He is a groundsman on the Flex crew.  Vitelio is a very dignified and gentlemanly man with a responsible and fatherly demeanor that rubs off on everyone.  He is a wonderful person to work with, so easygoing!


Wainer 2016

Wainer Saenz joined us in 2016.  Wayne is an experienced climber and is the crew leader on our pruning crew.  He is currently studying to get his Commercial Driver’s License and is interested in improving his leadership skills.  Wainer is very serious and sincere about everything that he does, including tree work.  We love having him here and our customers love him too.


Juan Daniel Pacheco is a talented tree climber and rigger and works on the manual removal crew taking down hazardous trees in some of Atlanta’s most crowded urban environments.  We call him Daniel because he thinks Juan is too commonplace – and Daniel is a very unique individual indeed.  He’s a very studious and intelligent man who is always happy to participate in additional training and welcomes the chance to tackle new problems and questions.  He’s on track to obtain his CDL shortly.  Don’t let his friendly smile or shy, studious nature fool you – like any tree climber this guy is as tough as an old Hickory tree.


Thorwald Leen joined our company in 2016.  Hailing from Belgium, Thor brings a European flair to our company.  He is very experienced in horticulture and landscape services.  He is studying to become an ISA certified arborist.  He is training with the Flex crew and is also doing some learning days in the field with Rob and Jack.


Jihovani Giron has been with the Bouttes for many years, working at the property on Bolton Road as groundskeeper.  He is now operating our Stump Grinding crew along with his brother Antulio.  So if you get stump grinding services, look out for Jihovani!

Maynor Cruz has been with Boutte Tree since the beginning of 2017.  He is learning to do tree work and getting used to the weather in Atlanta. 


Jah Amen-Rah has been with Boutte Tree since mid 2017.  He is a mechanic who finds humor in everything in life.  If somebody gets grease on their nose during truck maintenance then he laughs and it’s an infectious laugh.   He loves to turn down free lunch for some reason, and we don’t know why.


Charles Christenson is a ground worker who has been with Boutte Tree since 2017.  He loves working with cars, loves, science, and loves tree work.  But most importantly, he loves his fiance! 


Nayef Nabulsi – Nayef has been with us since 2018 and is a real asset to the team.  He is very tall and is sometimes mistaken for Tierson!

Juan Carlos Guzman joined us in 2018. He is a fun guy who always smiles and makes customers happy. 


Walter Stringer – Walter joined the Boutte family in 2018.  Walter is a jack of all trades kind of guy – sometimes he is out with the crews, and sometimes he is at the shop helping out with the trucks.  But his favorite place to be is at home with his beautiful new baby!

Alex Martin – Alex is training to be our Safety Manager, and part of that training is working with our crews to learn all about how we do things around here, and where everyone is in their skills and techniques.  We are so thankful to have someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Alex.


Marquise Bedford – Marquise joined the team in 2018, and he is an absolute pleasure to work with! Always smiling and positive, he is a devoted father and a devoted tree man!


Walter Rodriguez – Hailing from Venezuela, Walter brings a lot of interesting perspective to our company.  He used to be a pilot!


Gill Hoffman – Gill is a newbie as of early 2019.  He comes ready to learn and ready to offer us his great attitude and incredible work ethic.


Master Amen-Rah – It’s always fun to say good morning to Master, “Good morning Master!”.  He joined the team in early 2019 and has brought laughter and good music.  Thank you Master, lol.