Chattahoochee Crane Company

Crane Rental Pricing

Chattahoochee Crane offers 2 sizes of cranes, a 40-ton crane and 70-ton crane. Jobs are priced per hour with a 4 hour minimum for the 40-ton crane and a 6 hour minimum for the 70-ton crane. The minimum charge must be deposited in order to book the job.

Crane Hourly (Regular) Hourly (Weekend) Minimum Hours Min. Cost (Regular) Min. Cost (Weekend)
40-ton crane $190.00 $205.00 4 Hours $760.00 $820.00
70-ton crane $260.00 $275.00 6 Hours $1,560.00 $1,650.00

Cancellation Fee

The minimum charge is the cancellation fee: $760 ($820 weekends) for 40-ton and $1560 ($1650 weekends) for 70-ton. Inclement weather does not incur a cancellation fee.


If you require a site visit prior to booking your crane then you may call our office at 404 799-5472 so we can send a representative to help you assess feasibility and job prerequisites. Chattahoochee Crane will help with emergency situations as long as previously scheduled jobs aren’t affected. If you are ready to book a crane but have concerns about scheduling then you may call or email Bora Berki at 404-799-5472 or to discuss the schedule prior to making your deposit. If you choose not to have our rep help with feasibility assessment and you book a crane that cannot perform the work then the Cancellation Fee/Minimum Fee will be incurred.

Deposit & Scheduling

To place a deposit on either the 40-Ton or 70-Ton crane, please use the buttons below. You will be taken to our secure payment portal to complete payment for a deposit on the selected crane. You will then be returned to our site and someone from Boutte Tree will call you to schedule your job.

40-ton crane 70-ton crane

Chattahoochee Crane Company

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